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Tekra Fundamentals - How Is Polyester Film Made?

June 2020
Polyester film has an excellent combination of properties, which makes it useful in a wide variety of applications, such as: laminating, stamping, forming, and more.
polyethylene terephthalate structure

Tekra Fundamentals - What is Mylar® Film Made Of?

July 2020
Mylar® is one of the world’s most recognized and widely used polyester films. Because of its popularity, the term “Mylar” is typically used when referring generally to plastic film. Learn what Mylar® is made of in this article.
wall of windows on building

Tekra Fundamentals - What is Mylar® Film Used For?

October 2020
Mylar® Film is one of the most popular and widely-used polyester films in the world. This type of film has a wide variety of different uses, and this article digs deep into what those uses are.
Image of Orange Gatorade Bottle Printed on Mylar on a Beverage Machine

Tekra Fundamentals - How to Print on Plastic Film

April 2021
The way in which film is prepared for printing can vary, depending on the type of plastic, ink type, post-processes, and final application needs.
Image of Polycarbonate used in car dashboard

Tekra Fundamentals - What is Polycarbonate?

June 2021
Want to learn more about polycarbonate film? Learn more about the types of polycarbonate film and their properties.
wiring of washing machine motor

Tekra Fundamentals - Can Plastic Be Used as Insulation?

August 2021
People often wonder if plastic can be used as insulation, and we have the answer!
Clear PET Film

Tekra Fundamentals - What is Melinex® Film?

June 2020
This type of film has high levels of dimensional stability at both low and high temperatures, and is used in a variety of industrial applications, like packaging and printing.
Electronic flex circuit

Tekra Fundamentals - What Is Polyester Film Used For?

November 2019
Melinex® & Mylar® polyester films have a wide range of uses. Read more about common applications for polyester film, as well as reasons why you should use polyester over other film types.
PEN Film Solar Panel

Tekra Fundamentals - What are the Differences between PEN Film and PET Film?

September 2019
Learn more about the differences between PEN film and PET film, as well as common applications.

Tekra Fundamentals - What is Polyester Film?

September 2017
Are you just getting acquainted with polyester film? Learn more about the types of polyester film and their unique properties.

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