Tekra Fundamentals - What Is Polyester Film Used For?

What are common applications for polyester film?

Melinex® & Mylar® polyester films have a wide range of uses. Read more about common applications for polyester film, as well as reasons why you should use polyester over other film types.

  • Printed Electronics: Melinex® ST polyester films are thermally stabilized at 150°C for 30 minutes (MD/TD shrinkage at <1%) to ensure proper registration and performance of silver conductive inks.
  • Optical Displays: Melinex® 453 is a high clarity film with one side pre-treated to promote adhesion to most printing inks and industrial coatings. Look to Melinex® 454 for coating on both sides.  
  • Flexible Electronics: Melinex® ST polyester films can serve as the printing shorting pad layer and the bottom circuit in Flexible Electronics applications, including membrane switch circuitry. 
  • Medical Films: Medical film applications include diagnostic test strips, transdermal patch components, medical face shields, microfluidic assays & medical labeling.
  • Cast and Release:  The action of “release” can be accomplished through the addition of a chemical coating (i.e. silicone), the most common product film type is called: Mylar® RSXR951; or via a mechanical process of adding fillers to the base polymer package.
  • Tags & Labels: Many products in the Melinex® & Mylar® work as a print receptive base for pressure sensitive labels.
  • Electrical Components: Mylar® and Melinex® polyester and Teonex® PEN films offer high dielectric strength, thermal endurance, and thermal and electric barrier resistance.    
  • Print Applications: Films treated to be compatible with screen, offset, and lithographic print methods. Additional coatings can be added to polyester to make them compatible with digital printing.
  • General Industrial: Mylar® A is a general purpose polyester film ideally suited for industrial or general purpose applications, including stencils.

Why should you use polyester over other films?

  • High tensile strength, impact and tear resistance: Use polyester for card and POP applications over vinyl for increased durability
  • Superior Continuous Use Temperature: The ability to withstand continuous temperatures as high as 300°F, polyester outperforms other film types in temperature resistance
  • Inert to most chemicals: Naturally more chemical resistant than other thermoplastic films
  • Broad Gauge Range Functionality: manufactured in gauges ranging from 48 gauge (0.48 mil) to 1400 gauge (14 mil), polyester presents a wide performance window. Thinner gauges offer a cost advantage to other thermoplastic films  
  • Surface treated based on application: Print treated for adhesion promotion, slip treated for handle-ability, anti-stat, anti-fog, anti-glare, and more

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