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Graphic Films and Adhesive Challenges Find Better Performance Solutions at Tekra

The graphic film industry is where, for us, it all began and Tekra earned its initial “best in class” distinction. We are not a company to “rest on our laurels,” Tekra transferred its expertise in adhesive and coating applications from paper to plastic and focused on the unique needs of industrial graphics providers. The shift in market emphasis done in the late 1960’s, established Tekra as one of the first specialty plastic films, adhesive, and ink suppliers in the industry. 

Today Tekra is the acclaimed knowledge leader in graphic films and adhesives for screen printing and other printing methods. You’ll find our products as components in a wide array of equipment and devices from membrane switches, cell phone faceplates, labels, graphic overlays, signage, warning and electrical labels, pipe markings, bar codes, automotive and appliance displays, banners, shelf danglers to window clings and beyond. Tekra provides “Best in Class” materials to continually meet customer needs and then backs them with unrivaled process and material selection expertise.

Get Your Graphic Films from Tekra

Tekra’s demonstrated performance and commitment to excellence is why 3M names Tekra as a Master Converter and why Mylar® Specialty Films (formerly DuPont Teijin Films™) names Tekra an Authorized Distributor with exclusive product offerings. We encourage you to contact us with any questions you have or if you want our expert advice on the right graphics film for your unique application.

A Case in Point

A Tekra customer was having a challenging time finding a suitable substrate for digital toner printing that would remain stable while in a hot deli case on a daily basis at a local grocery store.  The substrate also needed to conform to food safety requirements. The challenge was met by us.

A high quality plastic film with a Tekra coating met the need. The client of Tekra’s customer was thrilled with the solution as it replaced paper signs eliminating the need to constantly reprint signage.

Just-in-Time Solutions

From industrial screen printing of durable goods to floor graphics and point of purchase displays, if the layers were peeled back, you’d probably find a Tekra product as an essential part of the construction.

The range of Tekra stocked JIT products to meet marketplace challenges is enormous. Choices begin with high-quality polycarbonate and polyester films. Available 3M adhesive options exponentially increase the Tekra offering. Then for still more options, add Tekra proprietary coating options including Marnot®, ProTek®, and Terrapin® hard coats developed to protect films for use in the harshest environments.

With this many options to choose from, Tekra encourages printers, die cutters, formers and fabricators to tap into our expertise in navigating the options. The Tekra team knows plastic films and adhesives and how they will perform in a myriad of applications.

Custom Solutions

We make it a point to know our clients’ industries as well as our own. It allows us to find unique solutions for unique challenges … often for tasks believed to have no solution possible.

Supporting our in-depth product knowledge with our fully-staffed lab and in-house testing capability enables unique challenges to turn into custom solutions. It’s a daily norm at Tekra.

Industry and Application Expertise

From in-mold decorating to membrane switches and electronics nameplates to graphic overlays, from industrial printing to digital printing, Tekra has the right products for distinct printing methods and diverse application needs.

At Tekra, we know films and adhesives inside and out. We have decades of cumulative applied knowledge in a host of industries.

Tekra products are found in everyday applications ranging from POP graphics and displays to appliance and medical equipment overlays to adhesives for furniture and beyond.

Simply pick up the phone and call a Tekra representative to discuss your graphic film and adhesive requirements.

Graphic Films Product Overview


  • LEXAN™ Polycarbonate

    Outstanding graphic film in clear and velvet finishes for light diffusion and security films from SABIC Innovative Plastics.

  • Melinex®

    Polyester films in super clear, matte, hazy and opaque white.  Thermal stabilized. Exceptional characteristics. Made possible by Mylar® Specialty Films (formerly DuPont Teijin Films™).

  • Mylar®

    Mylar® Specialty Films (formerly DuPont Teijin Films™) offers some of the most widely used polyester films in the world today. Excellent balance of properties and great range of performance capabilities make it a strong choice, coated or uncoated, for many applications.

TEKRA Hardcoats

  • Marnot™

    A hardcoat applied to films for optimal chemical and scratch resistance.

  • Terrapin™

    TEKRA’s own family of optical plastic film coatings created for high clarity applications needing maximum resistance to scratching, abrasion and chemicals. Primarily for opto-electronic use.

3M Adhesives

An expansive offering of 3M™ Adhesive Products including 3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tape for graphic attachment in extreme environmental conditions.

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