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Anti-Glare Film and Plastic Film Protectors for Computer and Digital Displays

New electronic devices coming to the computer and digital displays market need to be more than just faster, they need to be slimmer, lighter, and stand up to punishing usage. Tekra and our supply partners are at the forefront of answering the need with our anti-glare film, anti-reflective film, and plastic film protectors.

In fact, Tekra and our strategic supply partners have been catalysts for improving end product performance and visual design using non-glare and non-reflective film coatings. Ultimately, it's earned our customer's products competitive differentiation. We're proud to be a part of such dynamic solutions.

As the usage of these products increase, more protection is expected of the computer and digital displays. Constant daily use necessitates durable screens with excellent scratch and chemical resistance. With improved resolution has come the demand for increased clarity, improved glare reduction, and greater light transmission.

Films, coatings, and adhesives available from Tekra have been extensively tested and researched to ensure durability and consistent performance. We offer a wide portfolio of specialty films and hardcoats, which are adaptable to a variety of harsh environments and offer dimensional stability. Coated offerings include:

  • Anti-glare films
  • Anti-smudge, anti-fingerprint films
  • Anti-newton ring films
  • Anti-reflective films
  • Matted diffusing films
  • Mylar® Specialty Films (formerly DuPont Teijin Films™) featuring heat stabilized and iridescence reduction films optimized for display applications

Tekra’s Solutions for the Computer and Digital Display Market

Tekra's proprietary anti-glare films increase product longevity and reduce product replacement costs for the computer and digital display market. Additionally, our coated films are light, don't weigh down the final end product like their glass counterparts, and are less expensive and easier to handle in the manufacturing process. Contact Tekra if you need help selecting the right anti-glare film for your specific application.

A Case in Point

When a film and coating are not correctly matched, the effect is a refracting of light, often called a iridescence or rainbow effect. Tekra's R&D department has applied its research and testing acumen to our many coated films to eliminate the occurrence of this refracting phenomenon. Alleviating the rainbow effect is especially important in the production of films for computer and digital displays as optical clarity is top priority.

Just-in-Time or Custom Solutions

Since Tekra has decades of experience in applying coated film technology, we have a wide array of available solutions for protecting today's devices. A Tekra representative can guide you to the right film and coating specification for your project – many are JIT.

Yet as computer and digital display innovation is constantly evolving, there sometimes is a necessity for custom solutions. From coatings to reduce glare or smudging to our custom converting capabilities, Tekra is able to provide customers with the right size and type of film with a custom coating if needed.

Industry and Application Expertise

Polyester films are a popular choice for digital displays because they are lightweight, easy to handle, and have outstanding optical and chemical resistance – especially when compared to other substrates. Tekra offers high-quality films; Mylar® Specialty Films (formerly DuPont Teijin Films™) Melinex and Mylar polyester films. Display applications requiring layers of 10 mils or greater in thickness often call for LEXAN™ Polycarbonate from SABIC Innovative Plastics, another Tekra supply partner.

Which film to use comes down to the desired final design. Request a sample or call Tekra to talk options.

Computer and Digital Display Films Product Overview

Coated Film Solutions and Adhesives for Computer and Digital Display Products

Tekra products help achieve the brightness, energy efficiency, scratch resistance, clarity and durability expected by consumers. The choices for the Computer and Digital Display marketplace are plentiful.

DTF Melinex® PET films are ideal for polyester display applications due to excellent optical clarity and handling. In heat based processes, Melinex® ST is thermo-stabilized to reduce shrinking and distortion caused by high temperatures.

LEXAN™ polycarbonate films are characterized by optical clarity and mechanical strength at increased thicknesses. Films are available with a clear, smooth and polished surface on both sides; others combine surface textures including microreplicated finishes for management of light transmission. 

Proprietary Hardcoats by Tekra can be applied to films in a variety of ways. You can coat a single side with a particular treatment and the opposite side with another. Our film and coating options include: optically clear, anti-glare, light-diffusing and anti-newton ring products.

3M™ optically clear adhesive transfer tapes and double coat formats are available through Tekra. Products are formulated for optimal bonding to a variety of substrates and to match specific project requirements including outgassing resistance and anti-whitening properties.

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