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What Is Mylar® Film Used For?

Mylar® polyester film belongs to the family of polyester brands from DuPont Teijin Films™ and is ideal for high-volume, dependable, and industrial performance applications when lower cost initiatives must be met. Mylar® has been, and continues to be, one of the world’s most recognized and used polyester films, and, to learn more about this popular polyester film, visit our Mylar® page.

Uses For Mylar® Film

At Tekra, we often get asked what Mylar® film is used for. So, to answer this question and give some insight, we’ve provided an overview of the most common uses of this amazing film below.

  • Window Applications Mylar® polyester film has the properties to be laminated and coated, using special adhesives, to produce protective and scratch-resistant applications for windows.

  • Casting and Release With a variety of helpful benefits, such as high-tensile strength, thermal stability, and chemical resistance, Mylar® polyester film produces ideal performance for casting, embossing, and laminating.

  • Stamping Foils Mylar® polyester film has reliable features, such as extreme strength, resistance to elongation and chemicals, and thermal stability, which aid in the process of stamping various foils.

  • Industrial Imaging Having a long-standing history of reliability, Mylar® polyester film can be used in various applications where flatness, dimensional stability, and freedom from dust pick up are essential.

  • Creating Labels Due to their strength and stability, Mylar® polyester films simply run better and faster in most labeling machines than alternative options.

  • Back Sheet Materials Mylar® polyester film is designed to provide top-of-the-line hydrolysis, dielectric, interlayer laminate adhesion, reflection, and UV protection for back sheet lamination production.

  • Barrier Films Creating a successful barrier is essential to ensuring that products are as fresh as possible when they arrive to the customer. Mylar® polyester film’s functionality and reliability properties guarantee freshness from start to finish.

  • Laminating Mylar® polyester film offers unique advantages, such as chemical and thermal resistance, durability, and optical properties, for producing the most successful laminations.

Selecting The Right Mylar® Film

In order to choose the correct Mylar® polyester film for your application, we encourage you to take a look at our Mylar® and PET plastic film materials. And, for additional assistance, give us a call at (888) 988-5546 or send us a message.

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