Polyester Industrial Films

The unique combination of physical, thermal, chemical and optical properties make polyester ideal for a wide range of industrial film applications. Many times, the specifications of products being sold into industrial end uses are broader in terms of upper and lower allowable limits. This reality places even more emphasis on product “Fitness for Use” - the skill of matching the right product type to the performance requirements of a given industrial application.

In addition, Tekra’s quality systems and programs work in concert with DuPont Teijin Films™, providing lot-to-lot consistency you can rely on. Our customers benefit from the assurance of supply quality, product consistency and continuity.

Industrial Film Applications:

Labels, cast & release media, medical face shields, laminates, circuitry, fiberglass reinforced panels, carrier films, and various graphics arts print media – just to name a few.

Industrial Film Product Types:

Clear / Print Treated – Melinex® 460 series (461, 462). These films offer high clarity with print treatments on one or two sides to promote adhesion with various inks or lacquers.

Clear / Slip Treated – Melinex® 470 series (473, 478). If a polyester film is desired without the use of  adhesion promoting print treatments, consider the Melinex® 470 series. These products offer clarity, with added slip treatment on one or both sides to ensure handleability.

Release Liners – Melinex® RSX series are unsung heroes developed for release liner applications. Slightly hazy in appearance, they are optimized with a roughened surface. The performance differences include the presence of silicone coating (Melinex® RSX951, Melinex® RSXR951), or lack thereof (Melinex® RSX).

Slightly Hazy – Mylar® DS series are super clear films offering differential smooth / rough surfaces.  Four complementary film types are produced: Mylar® DS (no print treatment); Mylar® DS1, Mylar® DS1A (smooth or rough surface print treated); Mylar® DS2 (both sides print treated).

Hazy – Transparent up to 92 ga; translucent in thicker gauges, Mylar® A is known as the workhorse in the industrial film world. Available from 48 to 1400 gauge, this product is fit for a wide gamut of general purpose industrial end uses.

Tekra proudly carries industry leading Melinex® and Mylar® brands from DuPont Teijin Films™.  These films deliver high performance at an economical price. Available in clear, hazy or opaque finishes; from ultra-thin to thick gauges (48 to 1400), polyester films add value to products found in countless industrial applications sold around the world.

  • MELINEX® 461

    • Adhesion to most solvent, vinyl or acrylic base ink systems
  • MELINEX® 462

    • Adhesion to most solvent, vinyl or acrylic base ink systems
  • MYLAR® A

    • Balanced tensile properties
    • Excellent resistance to moisture and most chemicals
    • Can withstand temperature extremes from -100°F to 300°F
    • Does not become brittle with age

    • Tough, general purpose film
    • Ease of handling
    • Good adhesion and processibility
  • MELINEX ® RSX951

    • Balanced tensile properties
    • Good dimensional stability
    • Release values between 15 and 25 grams per inch
    • Contains recycled silicone coated liner
  • MELINEX® 473

    • Slip coated one surface to improve handling
  • MELINEX® 478

    • Slip coated both surfaces to improve handling

    • Differential surface roughness
    • One side smooth; one side rough
    • High clarity film
    • Superior handling
  • MYLAR® DS1

    • Differential surface roughness
    • Smooth side treated for adhesion
    • Rough side non treated
    • High clarity film
    • Superior handling