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Polyester Film for Membrane Switches and Graphic Overlays

For more than three decades, Tekra has been perfecting its portfolio of coatings, films, adhesives and inks to be properly paired and aligned with the specificity and quality required in membrane switch manufacturing.

Tekra’s commitment to providing only the highest quality materials has made them the “go to” supplier for membrane switch materials; and the Tekra-difference is threefold.

  • Pioneer in coating development and application, such as Tekra’s own Marnot™ and Marnot Advanced™ Hardcoats which deliver lasting, high quality products that excel at innovative applications and are customizable for next generation products.

  • Go the distance and deliver superior customer service.

Membrane Switches Graphic Overlays from Tekra

From appliances to electronics and beyond, Tekra’s comprehensive knowledge of which components it takes for successful membrane switch outcomes is unmatched. Trust our team of experts to help you select the right material for your membrane switch application, and contact us if you have any questions along the way.

A Case in Point

As the leading distributor of quality engineered plastics, 3M adhesives, and spacers, advanced hardcoated films and conductive inks, Tekra often works in collaboration with customers from prototype to production.

Our customers put our 30+ years of membrane switch experience to work for them. They know Tekra will help distinguish and guide them if a 7mil polyester thickness is best for an application or choosing a thicker hard coated optically clear polycarbonate film at 10mil would better serve the switch design. Taking the time to explore small variances in films and coatings can make big differences in the end result and ultimately leads to better outcomes.

Ensuring Product Quality and Performance

Polyester Film for membrane switches need to withstand high stresses from repetitive use and exposure to a wide variety of environments and conditions. At Tekra, we recognize the importance. Our fully staffed testing lab is committed to maximizing the durability and quality of our switch components. Results of arduous testing are uniformly shared within the Tekra team.

Having pioneered the hardcoat market, Tekra has accumulated a wealth of knowledge. Continual rigorous testing ensures the knowledge stays current and works to our customers’ benefit. Tekra hardcoat products undergo a variety of application scenario tests from how they withstand abrasion and scratching, perform in printing and die cutting, to how well they maintain resistance to chemicals and UV radiation.

The full line of Tekra products has been scrutinized for performance by the Tekra lab and field tested. Each product is tested to understand switch durability, endurance and longevity. Whether your product needs to hold up to tens of thousands or millions of touches, a Tekra representative can provide you the science on the flex and actuation life of a particular coated film.

Customer Solutions. Just-in-Time or Custom

Tekra representatives have it down to a science … from specifying the right materials for membrane switch applications to having expertise in print processes -- and how those processes interact with our products and with our microcircuitry inks.

Tekra offers custom options including films with different gloss levels (high gloss to exceptional matte finishes) to textured coatings with a unique look and feel. With our ability to laminate multiple adhesive constructions, we can build spacer and assembly layers of almost any configuration.

Depending on your need, it could mean a JIT film or adhesive item or a custom solution designed to your exact application requirement.

Find your Membrane Switch component solutions with Tekra. Contact us to explore the options and to obtain samples.

Product Overview

For each layer including the films, coatings, spacers and adhesives, we want to ensure our customers get what they need. Tekra products most utilized for membrane switch applications include:

  • Coated and Uncoated Polyester by DuPont Teijin Films™ or LEXAN™ Polycarbonate, the two most commonly used substrates in overlays.
  • Hardcoats that provide film and application protection, plus print receptiveness when needed.
  • Henkel Electronic Materials' conductive inks can be "printed" onto polyester film, forming flexible printed circuits.
  • Heat stabilized Melinex® ST™Polyester Films provide superior dimensional stability, uniform shrinkage and flatter surfaces for printing.
  • A host of 3M™ Adhesives to create spacer and graphic attachment layers, and overlays a formulated for application across differing surface energies a can be converted into varying thicknesses.

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