What kind of Plastic is Transparency Film?

Transparency Film 101

Transparency film is a generic term that can describe a wide variety of clear plastic film types and materials. For years, the term “transparency film” was commonly used to describe the clear plastic sheets used to display written or printed content on older projectors often used in classrooms. Originally, these sheets were made from cellulose acetate film, but later polyester PET film became the substrate of choice. However, as older projectors have been phased out in favor of higher-tech alternatives, the usage of the term “transparency film” has evolved to more broadly describe clear plastic film for a wide range of end uses.

What kind of Plastic is Transparency Films?

There are a variety of films that can fall under the umbrella of “transparency films”, but the term most commonly refers to polyethylene terephthalate (polyester PET) films. While the term “Mylar” is typically used when referring generally to plastic film, Mylar® is actually the name of a popular brand of polyester PET film from DuPont Teijin Films™, offered by Tekra along with its sister brand Melinex®.

Polyester PET films offer superior optical, physical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties compared to other plastic film substrates. This balance of properties makes polyester PET exceptionally versatile, lending itself to a wide range of applications. Some of these properties include:

  • Clear Optics
  • Excellent Mechanical Strength
  • Outstanding Dielectric Properties
  • Good Flatness and Coefficient of Friction
  • Tear & Puncture Resistant
  • Inert to Many Chemical Attacks

Tekra offers Mylar® and Melinex® polyester films in a variety of gauges (thicknesses). The gauge of the film can often determine the amount of light that is transmitted through it, though certain film types are engineered to remain very clear even at thicker gauges. The typical gauges of most polyester films range from 200-1000.

Applications used with Transparency Films

Now that you know more about polyester transparency films, we can look at the wide range of applications and capabilities that these films provide:

  • Appliance Overlays
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Flexible & Printed Circuitry
  • Optical Displays
  • Industrial Films
  • Graphic Films
  • Membrane Touch Switch
  • Food Contact
  • And many more

Tekra Offers Transparency Films

Tekra offers a variety of transparency films from Melinex® and Mylar® in a wide range of thicknesses that are actively in stock for the applications you are looking for.

Below is a list of some of Tekra’s common transparent films:

Some of Tekra’s most transparent films that have over 90% light transmission are listed below:

For any questions regarding clear transparency film, how it can benefit you, or if you would like help selecting the right polyester film for your specific application, please contact us online or call (800) 448-3572.

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