Product Data Sheets & Brochures

Project managers and procurement specialists routinely need to find out about Tekra products and what the general features and benefits are. Is it scratch resistant? Does it have permanent or removable adhesive? Are there any specials or discounted films and adhesives? If that is the case, then the General Literature section has exactly what you are looking for. Download, email or print Tekra brochures, sell sheets, or the latest Discount & Opportunity Buy list here.

Design and R&D engineers need to know more in depth typical values of a film or adhesive. What percent haze does the film have? What is the peel strength of the adhesive? What is the pencil hardness of the coated film? Find these answers and more in Tekra's Product Data Sheet section. All data sheets are downloadable and easily printed or emailed.

Data Sheets

Find a comprehensive listing of product data sheets listing typical values for various properties of a film or adhesive in our Product Data Sheets section.

Summary Sheets and General Literature

Find a comprehensive listing of all of Tekra’s brochures and sell sheets in the General Literature section. Furthermore, you can find Tekra’s Discount & Opportunity Buy list for specials on films and adhesive.
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