Trient Capabilities

Rotary Die Cutting

From die-cut adhesives and decals, to graphics for the automotive industry and die-cut adhesive backings for the telecommunications market, Trient Technologies, is a leader in the converting of rotary die-cut parts into precision OEM applications and after-market products. Trient Technologies is a sister company of Tekra and operates independently.

Clean Room Rotary Die Cutting and Assembly

Trient partners with automotive and medical OEMs to provide clean room manufacturing in our state-of-the-art clean room facility. 

Contract Manufacturing and Assembly

Trient specializes in contract manufacturing and assembly.  In many cases, the contract manufacturing process begins with the converting of large rolls of both graphic and functional parts via roll-to-roll slitting, die cutting, and laminating. Products are prepared for industrial OEM, aftermarket, or retail applications. Products can then be introduced to primary or intermediate packaging, and prepared to ship. Trient’s unique ability to fulfill every function of the supply-chain results in faster turn-time, reduced cost, and the elimination of excess overhead.

Industrial Converting

At Trient Technologies, we specialize in converting rolled and/or thin raw materials into OEM and aftermarket parts and products, including tapes, adhesives, decorative films, and graphics. This unique niche allows us to service a wide variety of markets, from the automotive industry to telecommunications to medical. Trient’s services and capabilities extend far beyond the manufacturing process. We leverage custom state-of-the-art equipment and production processes to provide companies with a total supply-chain resource. From the initial product development to the end fulfillment of OEM and retail orders, Trient can offer a complete supply-chain solution.

Packaging, Fulfillment & Distribution

Trient's industrial converting capabilities only represent one facet of the entire product life cycle. From initial product engineering through order fulfillment and distribution, Trient can truly be your one-stop shop. This turnkey approach extends to even the packaging and warehousing of products. Through a JIT/Kan Ban inventory management system, we can provide faster turn time, reduce obsolescence, lower overall cost and eliminate excess overhead.


Want to make sure that your die-cut tooling will work before you invest the money to build it?  Our prototyping services can save you money and time and provide peace of mind that your solution will be effective. 

Industrial Assembly, Warehousing & Distribution

Offering our clients numerous services in one location including industrial assembly, warehousing and distribution allows Trient customers a complete business solution. Save money and find peace of mind by utilizing the reliable industrial solutions at Trient Technologies.

Image of Rotary Die Cut Product from Trient

Trient Rotary Die Cutting Services

Trient specializes in rotary die cutting for a variety of industries including medical, automotive, electronics and general industrial.
Image of Trient Slitter

Trient Slitting Capabilities

Trient takes great pride in taking high value plastic films and adhesives and slitting them down to the exact specifications our customer need.
Image of Prototyping Plotter

Trient - Prototyping

We offer die cut prototyping with a 5-foot by 10-foot plotting table. By creating a prototype, you can see if everything works as you anticipate before you invest the money to have it created.
Image of Trient's Clean Room

Trient Clean Room Services

The current rigid-wall 20’ x 50’ ISO Class 7 Clean Room offers La-Pro Series HEPA filters and motorized T-grid ceiling modules, and is in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Standards.
Image of Trient Kitting and Packaging Services

Trient Fulfillment & Distribution Services

Whether you need items packaged, labeled, inventoried, blind-drop shipped….or all of the above, Trient is your one-stop source!
Image of Trient Production Assembly

Trient Assembly Capabilities

With our contract packaging and assembly solutions you get more than just a highly customized, cost-effective printed package. It goes well beyond back cards and folding cartons. And it doesn’t stop with clam shells or blisters. You get a total turnkey solution.

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