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Here at Tekra we evolve with the industry needs in order to adequately serve a wide variety of markets, this includes a newly growing EV (Electric Vehicle) and charging station market. Electric vehicles, which includes battery electric cars (BEVs), Plugin Hybrids (PHEVs, and Hybrid Electric (HEVs), are shaping the future of transit as the desire for environmentally friendly alternatives remains a top priority for clean transportation. 

A Case in Point

Tekra can serve as a one stop shop for films and adhesives that encompass both design aesthetic, and operating functionality of electric vehicles and charging stations. With the wide scope of applications in this market, we have a complete portfolio of weatherable, chemical resistant, flame-retardant, and eco-friendly polycarbonate/plastic films for the interior and exterior of your EV and chargers. These films can be paired with our in-house coating for advanced performance of digital printability. As a 3M Master Converter, Tekra offers a full line of 3M™ adhesives and can aid in product selection. 

Application Variety

Our film applications for the EV market are endless. Tekra offers films with versatile uses, which can serve for a magnitude of purposes, some of these including:

  • Display screens
  • Battery insulation
  • Exterior and interior vehicle lighting
  • Electrical installation
  • Battery pack housing units
  • Isolators and spacers
  • In-mold decorations

Product Overview

Tekra partners with top class vendors including Mylar® Specialty Films (formerly DuPont Teijin Films™), SABIC™, and 3M™, who provide quality films and adhesives backed by extensive research and development. Partnered with industry leaders, an abundance of knowledge is utilized to help with your film selection.

LEXAN™ Polycarbonate Film

Tekra is an authorized distributor of LEXAN™ Polycarbonate. With the ease of printability, die-cutability, and embossability, Polycarbonate can be an ideal film for EV lighting, dashboards, and display screens. Offerings of flame-retardant Polycarbonate films that are UL-94 rated can serve as a substitute for metal and composites in insulation covers and battery packs. All LEXAN™ films are produced and supplied in the United State.

Mylar® Specialty Films (formerly DuPont Teijin Films™) - Mylar® and Melinex® PET Films

Biaxially-oriented polyester PET films have strong dielectric and mechanical properties to go along with great thermal resistance, making it a preferred film solution for electrical insulation and mechanical protection within EV battery module construction. Standard PET and heat-stabilized PET also function as great dielectric base substrates for flexible printed circuitry within the electric vehicle, including battery management systems, heating elements, and user displays.

3M™ Adhesives

The 3M ™ Durable Label Materials portfolio offers sleek, long-lasting labels that can withstand high heat and outdoor weather exposure. In addition, thin bonding solutions like adhesive transfer tapes and foam tapes offer a consistent adhesion you can trust. 

PEN Films for Harsh Environments – Kaladex® and Teonex®

Kaladex® and Teonex® brand PEN films are intended for harsh environment applications that will see high temperatures and voltage, filling the market performance gap between standard polyester PET films and high-end polyimides. PEN films can be used for electrical insulation, thermal resistance, and mechanical protection within electric vehicle battery modules, including busbars and interconnects, components of flexible printed circuitry within battery management systems, battery pack housing protection, battery cell tabs, and separator barrier films within individual battery cells.

Henkel Electronic Materials – LOCTITE® Functional Inks

Functional inks by Henkel Electronic Materials are perfect for heating elements in electric vehicles including exterior lighting defoggers, heated seats, arm rests, and center consoles. LOCTITE® brand silver, carbon, and dielectric inks can be used in other types of flexible printed circuitry within the vehicle as well, such as battery management systems and user displays. These conductive and dielectric inks can not only elevate the user experience, but also aid in the car’s performance by warming up lithium-ion batteries so that they can be safely charged in colder temperatures, increasing the effectiveness of charging, and extending the batteries’ long-term health. 

Our goal is to ensure our suppliers’ and customers’ success by providing the right materials to you. With extensive industry knowledge, and technical product expertise, contact a representative to learn how we can best serve your EV market needs. 


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