Conductive Silver & Carbon Inks

The Tekra/Henkel partnership delivers value to our customers in many ways including: product recommendations, custom inventory programs, product innovations through application development, and unparalleled commercial and technical support. Tekra carries a wide variety of conductive inks that are complementary to the Printed Electronics and related markets, including:

Product Categories:

  • Printed Electronics including flexible circuits for membrane switches
  • Printed resistors and heating elements
  • Flexible displays and touch screens
  • Biomedical sensors and EKG/ECG electrodes
  • RFID Antennas for contactless smart cards / RFID labels
  • Emerging Technologies and product innovation

These functional compositions can be used to form conductive traces, capacitor or resistor elements, biosensors and dielectric and encapsulating layers. All polymer thick film ink technologies are compatible with a variety of substrates (e.g. polyester to glass) and; printing techniques including: screen, flexographic, rotogravure, etc.

Compositions Available:

  • Conductive silver ink
  • Conductive carbon ink
  • Silver-silver chloride ink
  • Dielectric ink
  • Carbon resistor ink

Only Tekra can provide material solutions for electrically conductive inks and coatings from Henkel, and high performance polyester and PEN films from Mylar® Specialty Films (formerly DuPont Teijin Films™).

Conductive Ink Categories

Conductive Inks for RFID and Smart Cards
High-conductivity silver ink compositions, in combination with functional carbon & dielectric inks, enable users to print HF & UHF antennas for RFID devices including smart cards, passports, credit cards, smart labels for tracking and inventory management, various transportation systems, and more.
Countless electronic devices rely on printed electronic technologies for function, form and flexibility. Tekra offers both commercial and technical resources to make innovation happen.
Printed Electronics Using Conductive Inks
Printed Electronics is a technology involving printing conductive circuit patterns, typically in conjunction with thin a polymer protective coating, for use in interconnecting electronic devices. In use since the 1950’s, printed electronics have evolved from introductory flexible circuits, to today’s more advanced flexible electronic products.
Image of Heater with Conductive Ink
Carbon and silver inks, along with unique blends of these conductive compositions, offer a variety of electronic printing end uses. Applications range from heating elements for residential & commercial use and exterior automotive (lights, mirrors, etc.) to printed resistors and potentiometers.
Flexible Display Conductive Inks
User interface is activated through our fine line, high conductivity & resolution silver compositions offering printed electronics device manufacturers design flexibility & functionality at a cost savings.
Conductive Inks for Medical Electrodes and Biosensors
Patient comfort & convenience, along with reduced invasiveness, disposable material options & remote diagnostics are the key drivers behind development in medical electronics. Tekra is uniquely positioned offering OEM’s & tier one converters, Henkel medical electronic Inks & Melinex® polyester films.

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