Film & Adhesive Slitting Capabilities

Tekra takes great pride in taking high value films and adhesives and slitting them down to the exact specifications our customer need. With highly trained operators using state of the art equipment, our slitting department prides itself on having high yields for each and every job, ultimately delivering a cost savings. With the capability to slit bulk rolls up to 63 inches wide, let Tekra handle all your slitting needs. See the below chart for specifics on Tekra's film and adhesive slitting capabilities.

Minimum Gauge 0.001 inch
Maximum Gauge 0.030 inch
Minimum Roll Length 50 feet
Minimum Bulk Width 12 inches
Maximum Bulk Width 63 inches
Maximum Bulk O.D. 40 inches
Bulk Core I.D. 3, 6, 8, 10 or 12 inches
Maximum Finished Width 62 inches
Minimum Finished Width 1 inch
Maximum Finished O.D. 30 inches
Finished Core I.D. 3 or 6 inches
Maximum Laminate Width 57 inches
Minimum Laminate O.D. 12 inches
Laminate Core I.D. 3 or 6 inches
Required Trim Substrate 1/2 inch wider than laminate. To convert, 1/2 inch additional for adhesive coverage.
Tolerances ± 1/32 inch width, ± 10% length


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