Polyester Medical Films

Tekra is a Tier 1 supplier to major medical device manufacturers and the exclusive distributor to the North American Medical Diagnostics market for DuPont Teijin Films™. Our focused medical sales and marketing team provides original equipment manufacturers and converters premium service and consulting for a wide variety of medical film and adhesive needs. In several important areas, Tekra is uniquely qualified to meet customer needs for current and next generation product development.

Tekra professionals have many years of valuable experience serving the healthcare diagnostics industry with the best plastics substrate solutions. We are confidently staffed to guide customers through the process – from project inception through development, to qualification & clinical trials; and on to final market launch.

Tekra is well versed in the requirements of compliance with the Food and Drug Act and operates in compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP), thus bridging the gap between industrial commodities and high quality medical consumables for our OEM and converting customers.

Applications supported by Tekra’s dedicated medical sales team include: diagnostic test strips, transdermal patch components, medical face shields, microfluidic assays, wound care and medical labeling.

In short, Tekra offers complete confidentiality in managing our customer’s medical film requirements. Our specialized knowledge and medical converting capabilities cover these and other critical areas:

*Inventory continuity programs

                * Lot traceability

                * Disaster recovery plans

                *Current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) guidelines

  • MELINEX® 329

    • Superb handling properties
    • Unique glossy finish
  • MELINEX® 454

    • Excellent handling
    • Adhesion to most printing inks and industrial coatings
  • MELINEX® 339

    • Superb handling properties
    • Pre-treated to promote adhesion to most industrial coatings
  • MELINEX® 453

    • Adhesion to most printing inks and industrial coatings
  • MELINEX® 561

    • Treated to promote adhesion to many industrial coatings and inks
    • High clarity
  • MELINEX® ST339

    • Superb handling and lay flat properties
  • MELINEX® ST504

    • Can be overprinted with solvent-based graphic inks, varnishes, silver conductive and dielectric inks
  • MELINEX® ST730

    • Differentially treated sides
    • One side adhesion for solvent based and UV curing inks and lacquers
    • One side exceptional adhesion properties, unique UV Multipass exposure resilience