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Tekra Is an In-Mold Decoration Film Supplier

At Tekra, we offer revolutionary in-mold decorating inks, proprietary hardcoated films, and other substrates that are rapidly expanding the possibilities for companies in the in-mold decorating market. In-Mold Decorating (IMD) and In-Mold Labeling (IML), making the manufacture of In-Mold Electronic (IME) parts a reality for the first time.

Properties of In-Mold Decorating Films, Inks, and Resins

When specifying for an in-mold project, the materials selected make all the difference for the end product. Ensuring you start with the best and most compatible inks, films, resins and knowledgeable supply partners is crucial to production success.

With Tekra materials, outstanding durable graphics are possible despite the films and inks being exposed to the extreme heat of forming, injection of molding resins, and the forces of extensibility. So stretch and form; put Tekra materials to the test and discover:

  • Production reliability
  • Superior bonding
  • Exceptional ink adhesion and stability against cracking
  • Outstanding yields

Our reputation for delivering on successful outcomes starts with an extensive choice of SABIC Innovative Plastics specifically formulated for in-mold decorating. We offer a broad range of film styles and types in a myriad of textures, finishes, colors, and effects.

When the application demands it, Tekra, a pioneer in coating development for IMD, applies a proprietary hardcoat to the film. Tekra has a full line of versatile coatings that allow different textures with outstanding resistance to chemicals and abrasion that are designed for in-mold processing.

In-Mold Decorating Innovation For Printed Electronics

Apply all the benefits for IMD and now amplify it with IME conductive inks. Next generation printed electronics or printed circuitry are now possible. Fully functioning capacitive touch switches and electronics are now a reality with full 3-D design capability. Flat membrane switches meet IMD parts and smart packaging!

Innovative conductive inks are opening doors to new IME applications, sleeker and more durable designs, and simplified production processes.

From humidity resistance to excellence in cross-hatch adhesion, conductive inks can be adhered prior to intensive forming, trimming and molding-- and still withstand in-mold processing without disruption in sensitive resistivity or dielectric properties critical to electronics manufacturing. It's a breakthrough in product design and manufacture.

For the first time, new in-mold decorating inks offered by Tekra are making possible the production of 3-dimensional fully functional electronic parts. These switches are responsive to touch with circuitry printed directly on the second surface of decorated polycarbonate and polyester films. It's technology redefining design and adding function to previously non-functional layers. Plus, it benefits the bottom line… parts durability increases while reducing overall raw materials, weight, thickness, and costs involved with extensive manual assembly.

In-Mold Decorating Materials from Tekra

To request a product sample or datasheet for any of our in-molding decorating products, contact Tekra. Find out how we're making tomorrow's innovation possible today.

A Case in Point

Tekra polycarbonate films for both in-mold decoration and in-mold electronics provide excellent application flexibility and product durability. Our polycarbonates effectively accept heat, forming and printing, to ensure a consistent and quality end product. Every day, today's leading global brands from automotive to kitchen appliances depend on Tekra for components to take on a highly durable metal or wooden appearance without the weight or material expense of what it emulates.

Tekra's Wide Portfolio of Innovative IMD and IME Materials

Tekra has a wide variety of products and solutions for excellent in-mold decorating and in-mold electronics application outcomes. Whether a printer, designer, molder or former, Tekra reps are available to share expertise and information about our complete line of high quality, durable and consistently performing materials needed for successful IMD or IME finished products.

TEKRA proudly offers a wide variety of SABIC LEXAN™ polycarbonate films specifically formulated for exceptional thermoforming results.

Pair films with Tekra's proprietary hardcoats, Terrapin® and Marnot®, for increased product longevity and resistance to environmental and chemical conditions.


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