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Appliance Overlays and Protective Film

As the appliance market continues to evolve, so do Tekra's product offerings. Our commitment to offer the widest range of best performing optimized plastic film substrates for appliance overlays and protective film for appliances has never wavered.

When the breadth of our adhesive options is added to the vast number of Tekra's proprietary coated polyester and polycarbonate film choices, the product offering exponentially increases. And, when a printer, die-cutter, or OEM needs a new or unique component material, we send the request to R&D -- often including it in our JIT stock offering.

Being an expert in the field of plastic film substrates and applied coatings is the foundation of our close relationship to the appliance market. It's positioned Tekra at the forefront of delivering on what the industry wants and needs. From membrane switches to non-functional cutouts, we're finding ways to accomplish just that. While still achieving:

  • Sleeker, Slimmer Designs
  • Less Raw Materials, and Lighter Weight Products
  • Greater Performance Efficiency

Membrane Switches and Protective Film for Appliances

Our expertise goes beyond supplying materials for just aesthetic parts. Tekra supplies material components needed for the creation of functional parts too. -- switches that boldly stand up to repetitive daily use and exposure to chemicals and abrasion or even 3D formed capacitive switches. This is why manufacturers continually choose Tekra for their component needs, like back panels, overlays, control panel film for microwaves, dishwasher and stove displays, sewing machines, washing machines, and beyond.

A Case in Point

The Appliance industry is meeting customer demand for more convenient features in washing machines like programmable wash menus and even built-in USB ports allowing future software upgrades. Tekra is a major supplier of these touchpad control components. Why? Simply put, the industry knows our films, adhesives, and coatings will perform while standing-up to touch repetitiveness --up to a million actuations over time, chemicals, and even the vibration caused by the trend to increase agitation rates.

Knowledge is Powering the Appliance Industry

The capabilities of component material are evolving. Everyday Tekra's in-house R&D team proves their scientific mastery of coating formulation by meeting the constantly changing product manufacturing landscape and our supply partners are working constantly to meet these changing requirements with higher quality and lower cost materials.

At Tekra our goal is to ensure our customers' success. When you work with only the best clear films and adhesives from world class suppliers Mylar® Specialty Films (formerly DuPont Teijin Films™), SABIC and 3M, it's not as difficult. With our extensive industry knowledge blended with our coated film and adhesive technical product expertise, a perfect application match results.

Product Overview

Whether for non-functioning aesthetic applications or for dynamic membrane switch components, discover how Tekra is meeting the needs of the Appliance Industry.

  • LEXAN™ Polycarbonate Film

    The film which excels in printability, impact strength and dimensional stability. Inherent performance advantages -- high temperature resistance, and consistent workability in die-cutting, embossing and thermoforming enabling beautiful finished parts.

  • Mylar® Specialty Films (formerly DuPont Teijin Films™)

    Mylar® Specialty Films (formerly DuPont Teijin Films™)One of the most widely used polyester films for membrane switches. The biaxial oriented polyester film is available in super clear, thermal stabilized, matte, hazy and opaque white options. An ideal choice when heat and chemical exposure are concerns.

  • 3M™ Tapes and Adhesives

    Choices include low outgas tapes to safety labels, and adhesives for mounting printed graphic and functional parts. A huge selection of 3M tapes and adhesives are available for "Just-in-Time" delivery.

  • Tekra's Hardcoats

    Tekra's own Marnot™ and Marnot Advanced™ proprietary hardcoats stand up to abrasion and chemical testing. Both are specially formulated to maximize film and adhesive performance using polyester and polycarbonate substrates.

  • Henkel Electronic Materials

    Conductive inks by Henkel Electronic Materials' are "printed" onto polyester film to form flexible printed circuits including 3-dimensional design capabilities.

Contact our team to discuss our appliance overlays needs and we can choose the right product for your specific application.

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