Heat Stabilized PET

Melinex® ST polyester films are recognized as the premier line of heat stabilized polyester films for printed electronics, flexible circuitry, optical display, membrane switch, and related industries.

Benefits of Melinex® ST Polyester Films

There are a variety of perks when it comes to heat stabilized polyester films, and those are:

  • Thermally stabilized at 150°C for 30 minutes (MD/TD shrinkage at <1%); ensures proper registration and performance of silver conductive inks
  • High tensile strength permits higher film processing speeds
  • Superior flatness for better web handling and higher yields
  • High stiffness and caliper control allow thinner films to retain rigidity when inserted into reading devices
  • Polyester films are inert and plasticizer free, meaning no surface migration over time
  • Engineered surfaces with primer systems to remedy difficult adhesion challenges

Heat Stabilized PET Films Available by Tekra

Tekra offers the industry’s broadest inventory of DuPont Teijin Films™ Melinex® ST polyester products, and some of the most popular heat stabilized films in our stock include:

  • MELINEX® ST506

    • Print treated two sides for adhesion to inks and lacquers
    • heat stabilized for Improved dimensional stability
    • contains knurled edge (KE)
  • MELINEX® ST725

    • Print treatment two sides to promote adhesion to many industrial coatings and inks
    • Offers multi-pass UV printing on both sides
    • Heat stabilized for improved dimensional stability
  • MELINEX® ST504

    • Can be overprinted with solvent-based graphic inks, varnishes, silver conductive and dielectric inks
  • MELINEX® ST505

    • Print treated two sides for adhesion to inks and lacquers
    • heat stabilized for Improved dimensional stability
    • slit version of Melinex ST506 product
  • MELINEX® ST507

    • Good handling characteristics
  • MELINEX® ST730

    • Differentially treated sides
    • One side adhesion for solvent based and UV curing inks and lacquers
    • One side exceptional adhesion properties, unique UV Multipass exposure resilience
  • MELINEX® ST339

    • Superb handling and lay flat properties
  • MELINEX® ST557

    • Low shrinkage
    • Good flatness
    • Excellent handling properties

    • Superior optics
    • Index matched one side
    • Low bloom properties
    • UL recognized film