About Trient Technologies

Trient Technologies is owned by Mativ and is the sister company of Tekra.  While it has some similar offerings, it operates independently of Tekra.  Trient specializes in conversion and contract manufacturing converting rolled and/or thin raw materials into OEM, Aftermarket Professional and Aftermarket Retail parts and products. This industrial manufacturing niche has allowed us to service a wide variety of markets, from the automotive industry to telecommunications to medical to advertising.

Trient’s industrial services and capabilities extend far beyond the manufacturing process. We leverage custom state-of–the-art equipment and production processes to provide companies with a total supply-chain resource. From the initial product development to the end fulfillment of OEM and retail orders, Trient can offer a complete supply-chain solution.

Our services offered include contract manufacturing, die cutting, assembly & packaging, fulfillment & distribution, slitting, prototyping.  We also can manufacture and assemble products in our state-of-the-art clean room.  

Complete Supply Chain Solution

Located in Woodville, Wisconsin, Trient Technologies provides a variety of industrial services.  From converting of raw materials to die cutting and assembly, to the final assembly, through final packaging and distribution, Trient can offer complete contract manufacturing and supply chain solutions for the aerospace, automotive, safety, advertising, avionics, security, medical, and other technology industry's.



Image of Trient Clean Room Capabilities

Trient Capabilities

Trient specializes in contract manufacturing and assembly. Save money and find peace of mind by utilizing the reliable industrial solutions at Trient Technologies.
Image of ISO 9001 Certification

Trient Certifications

Trient is committed to providing the highest level of quality possible, and we work diligently to maintain a variety of quality certifications.
Image of Trient Facilities

Trient Facilities & Locations

Trient, which is a sister company of Tekra, is located in Woodville, Wisconsin’s Technology Park extends across two production facilities that house over 88,000 sq. Feet of climate controlled, fire-protected manufacturing and warehousing space – complete with a impressive array of custom and state-of-the-art converting equipment.
Image of 3M Reclosable Fasteners Serviced by Trient

Trient Markets

Trient Technologies offers a large variety of products designed especially for the industrial, electrical and automotive industries.

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