Film & Adhesive Sheeting Capabilities

With both sheeting and power cutting capabilities, Tekra can convert nearly any sheet size or construction you need from virtually any roll of film or adhesive. Tekra has the additional capability of tipping sheets with a backing paper, using either a solid or broken glue line, to prepare them for printing (sometimes referred to as PFP'ing). See the below charts for all of Tekra's sheeting, power cutting and tipping capabilities.

Standard Sheeting Capabilities

Minimum gauge0.002 inch
Maximum Gauge0.030 inch
Minimum Order25 sheets
Maximum Length72 inches
Maximum Width60 inches
Minimum Length12 inches
Minimum Width16 inches
Required TrimAdd 1 inch for retrim sheets
Tolerances WidthLength: -0, + 1/2 inch under 48 inches
 -0, + 3/4 inch over 48 inches
 Width: Mill roll tolerance

Standard Tipping with Sheeting Capabilities

Minimum Gauge0.005 inch
Maximum Gauge0.015 inch
Minimum Order100 master sheets
Maximum Master Length65 inches
Maximum Master Width60 inches
Minimum Master Length16 inches
Minimum master Width16 inches
Maximum Finished Length63 inches
Maximum Finish Width54 inches
Minimum Finished Length8 inches
Minimum Finish Width10 inches
Glue PlacementMaximum 1/2 inch from edge of fininshed sheet
Glue Line Quantity3 lines maximum per web width
Glue Line TypeSolid and broken
Required Trim1 inch per finished sheet, length and width

Powercutting Capabilities

Minimum Gauge0.002 inch
Maximum Gauge0.060 inch
Minimum OrderNone
Maximum Dimension63.5 inches
Minimum Sheet Size4 inches by 4 inches
Trimmed Tolerances± 1/32 inch up to 0.030 gauge
 ± 1/16 inch 0.031 gauge and thicker

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