Application Spotlight

Application Spotlights highlight real world applications that use Tekra's relevant product solution options.  Our ultimate goal is to help provide you with appropriate product solutions for unique applications while making you aware of market applications you may not participate in.  This section highlights a small sampling of those solutions.  Application Spotlights are a must read for anybody that wants to find a something new or find a better way.

Polyester Films for Casting & Release Liner Applications

June 2022
Polyester (PET) film, also known as BOPET, is often used as the carrier film substrate in casting and release manufacturing processes due to its high mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and thermal stability at high processing temperatures.

Rigid Vinyl PVC Film Application Spotlight

May 2022
Learn Why Rigid Vinyl's unique characteristics make it Graphic's Output material of choice for promotional products.
3M Label Stock Material On Lawnmower

3M Label Materials Guide

February 2022
We’ve put together a guide to help you understand the most important aspects to consider when selecting your label material, which is sometimes called label stock.
Image of Glucose Testing Patch Using Conductive Inks

Skin Contact Adhesives for Wearable Medical Devices

January 2022
Application Spotlight: This article covers the various considerations related to selecting the right skin-contact adhesive for wearable medical devices
electrical insulation plastic

Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Plastic as Electrical Insulation Film

October 2021
Polycarbonate plastic films offered by SABIC can be great electrical insulators due to their high dielectric strength and heat resistance. To ensure safety and functionality in electrical insulation applications, trust LEXAN™ FR films to deliver.
Image of polyester film

Go Green With Recycled Polyester Plastic Film

October 2021
Polyester is one of the world's most recyclable plastics, and together, Tekra and DuPont Teijin Films™ are committed to sustainable business practices.
Image of Raisenne® Dough Riser

Application Spotlight - Reliatrace Uses PTC Ink in Raisenne® Dough Riser

August 2021
Reliatrace uses Henkel's WIK20816-9 PTC ink from Tekra in its new direct-to-consumer dough riser product, the Raisenne® Dough Riser, which creates the ideal temperature to proof dough quickly and consistently with self-regulated heating technology.
Image of Mylar A Used In Duck Call

Mylar A - An Exceptional Material for Duck Call Reeds

July 2021
Mylar® A is the material of choice in the construction of reeds for duck and goose calls. With the reed being an essential component to the sound quality of each call, it requires a thin material with both the hardiness and longevity to withstand the elements it will likely be exposed to.
Image of printable PVC film

Application Spotlight - Printable PVC Film

June 2021
Vinyl film, or PVC Film (polyvinyl chloride), is a strong, embossable, versatile, and tear-resistant plastic film used in a wide variety of printed applications. PVC film is printable using traditional screen inks, as well as UV inkjet and Solvent inkjet inks. Think PVC film when in need of a cost-effective and durable film for signage, cards, or any other applications that may require printability, color consistency, or impact resistance.
Stencils Made with Mylar A Film

Mylar Film – The Perfect Stencil Material

May 2021
Mylar polyester films are used in a wide variety of applications. One application that may not be as widely known, but is a growing market is stencils.


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