Application Spotlight

Application Spotlights highlight real world applications that use Tekra's relevant product solution options.  Our ultimate goal is to help provide you with appropriate product solutions for unique applications while making you aware of market applications you may not participate in.  This section highlights a small sampling of those solutions.  Application Spotlights are a must read for anybody that wants to find a something new or find a better way.

Speaker diaphragm cone

Application Spotlight – Plastic Films for Hi-Fi Speaker Diaphragms

April 2024
Audio fidelity in speaker applications is the degree of exactness with which an original recording is copied or reproduced. A key component part in speakers that directly impacts fidelity is the diaphragm. Often referred to as the cone, the diaphragm is a thin, semi-rigid membrane responsible for converting mechanical vibrations into sound. Due to their semi-rigid properties, a variety of plastic films offered by Tekra are frequently used as the base material in speaker diaphragm designs.
Mylar film used in drumheads

Application Spotlight: Mylar Film for Drumheads

September 2023
The benefits of Mylar made the material widely popular among drummers, and the improved production scaling that PET film provided resulted in the material quickly becoming the industry standard.
Image of 3M Gasket Tape Family

3M Gasket Attachment Tapes and Adhesives

August 2023
As a 3M master converter, Tekra offers a wide variety of 3M products used within gasket applications. Common products used in gasket manufacturing include 3M™ VHB™ Tapes, 3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tapes, and 3M™ Double Coated Tapes.
Image of Electric Vehicle and Charging Stations

Application Spotlight – Polyester Separator Films for EV Lithium-Ion Battery Cells

June 2023
This article provides an overview of the role of the role of separator films within lithium-ion battery cells, and discusses the benefits of polyester PET and PEN films for this application.
Cold Weather EV Charging Station

Application Spotlight – PTC Inks for Heating EV Batteries in Cold Weather

June 2023
PTC Inks are more energy efficient, which can decrease charging time and adds range to battery life to electric vehicles.

Application Spotlight: Printed Circuitry and the Internet of Things

October 2022
The Internet of Things (IoT) has played an increasingly significant role in daily life due in large part by innovations in the world of printed electronics and conductive ink technology. These advancements have expanded access to cost effective, reliable printed circuitry solutions that can be mass-produced, paving the way for new applications with functionalities previously not thought possible.
Image of 3M Sterilized Medical Label

Application Spotlight - 3M™ Durable Label Materials for Medical and Pharmaceutical Markets

August 2022
Tekra works hand in hand with 3M to provide you with top-of-the-line 3M™ Durable Label Materials for your medical applications.

Polyester Films for Casting & Release Liner Applications

June 2022
Polyester (PET) film, also known as BOPET, is often used as the carrier film substrate in casting and release manufacturing processes due to its high mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and thermal stability at high processing temperatures.

Rigid Vinyl PVC Film Application Spotlight

May 2022
Learn Why Rigid Vinyl's unique characteristics make it Graphic's Output material of choice for promotional products.
3M Label Stock Material On Lawnmower

3M Label Materials Guide

February 2022
We’ve put together a guide to help you understand the most important aspects to consider when selecting your label material, which is sometimes called label stock.


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