Application Spotlight

Application Spotlights highlight real world applications that use Tekra's relevant product solution options.  Our ultimate goal is to help provide you with appropriate product solutions for unique applications while making you aware of market applications you may not participate in.  This section highlights a small sampling of those solutions.  Application Spotlights are a must read for anybody that wants to find a something new or find a better way.

EMI Shielding Tape and Film

Application Spotlight - EMI Shielding Materials

April 2021
Tekra offers a wide variety of EMI shielding materials that can offer electromagnetic compatibility to ensure your devices are functioning properly. By providing EMI shielding films and tapes, Tekra can be your provider for all of your electromagnetic interference solution needs.
Image of an outdoor wayfinding signage

Need Directions? – A Quick Guide to Wayfinding Signage Solutions

February 2021
At Tekra, we offer a variety of materials that are perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor wayfinding signage. We also have the expertise to help you find the best material for your specific project.
Image of 3M Adhesive for Electronic Assembly

Bonding Solutions for Electronic Assembly Applications

February 2021
3M™ Bonding Solutions for Electronic Assembly provide impact & water resistance, ability to adhere to difficult surfaces and improvement in overall aesthetics.
Conductive Inks for Printed Electronics

Tekra Carries Conductive Inks For Printed Electronics

January 2021
Tekra is an authorized distributor of Henkel Adhesive Technologies' full line of conductive inks for screen, flexographic and rotogravure printing.

Application Spotlight - Digitally Printed Overlays Using Hardcoated Polycarbonate

December 2019
Knowing when to choose traditional print methods vs. a digital option starts by understanding the digital advantages.
Backlit Film Bottles

Application Spotlight - Backlit Signs Using White Translucent Film

November 2019
With the wide array of backlit medias on the market, how do you choose? Asking a few simply questions can help point you in the right direction.

Application Spotlight - Applications by Media Type

October 2019
When trying to expand your portfolio, sometimes it’s challenging to be sure you’re picking the right media for an application you’re new to creating. Here is a quick guide to help explain the pros and cons of each film and narrow down your options.

Application Spotlight - Overlay Market – Chemical Resistant Hardcoats Save the Day!

December 2018
This is the final part of the four part series on the overlay market. In this article we will focus on the importance of chemical resistance.

Application Spotlight - Overlay Market Series: The Importance of Scratch Resistance

December 2018
Part three of this overlay market series focuses on the scratch resistance necessary for this market.

Application Spotlight - Overlay Market Series: Iridescence - The Pretty Rainbow Nobody Likes

November 2018
In the second part of this overlay market series we discuss the effects of iridescence and the issues it can cause hardcoats when printing.


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