Tekra’s own brands of manufactured products, such as Dura-Go®, Marnot® and ProTek® go through a stringent stage gate process during development to make sure our own brands of film focus on innovation and elevates coated plastics to the next level of quality and performance. You can be assured that the brands Tekra offers are always “best in class”.

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Marnot Advanced™ Logo

Marnot Advanced™ is Tekra’s line of next generation protective hardcoats. Applied to polyester and polycarbonate films, Marnot Advanced™ offers enhanced abrasion resistance, superior chemical resistance, and increased pencil hardness.

Marnot® XL is Tekra’s specially designed protective hardcoated film line. Available with polyester and polycarbonate base films, Marnot XL offers superior abrasion, scratch, and chemical resistance.

ProTek® is Tekra's premium protective hardcoat film designed to complement the Marnot® line. Customers requiring fine textures or UV resistance, can rely on ProTek® polyester films for optimal performance.

Terrapin® is Tekra’s line of specialty hardcoats that are designed to provide maximum surface protection from abrasion and scratching, as well as maximum optical clarity for use in opto-electronic applications.

Mylar Specialty Film M Logo

Mylar® Specialty Films

Tekra is aligned with the one brand of polyester film which best combines product innovation, market knowledge & technical expertise – Mylar® Specialty Films (formerly DuPont Teijin Films™).

Dura-Go® optimized film substrates are specifically coated by Tekra to run on HP Indigo commercial and industrial sheet and roll presses.

ToneKote™ is Tekra’s manufactured brand of specially treated polyester, rigid vinyls, and label stocks for dry toner based printing systems such as Xeikon, Xerox iGen, Konica Minolta, and Canon.


JetView™ films are specially optimized to work with various inkjet printing methods including solvent, latex, and UV inkjet presses.

Tekra is an authorized distributor of SABIC Innovative Plastics, manufacturer of LEXAN™ polycarbonate film. As a distribution channel for LEXAN™ film, Tekra provides customers access to a diverse portfolio of polycarbonate films for application design and development.

ULTEM™ is Sabic’s grade of increased heat and chemical resistant eco-friendly flame retardant films. As the highest performance film in Sabic’s portfolio, ULTEM™ films are a good candidate for a broad range of electrical and electronic applications.

VALOX™ is Sabic’s grade of flame retardant film that features very good temperature resistance and chemical resistance in thicker gauges. Like Sabic’s other flame retardant films, VALOX™ has found use in a wide range of applications in the electronics industry.

3M is a global innovation company with the corporate offices based in St. Paul, MN. 3M Converter Markets combines a versatile and comprehensive set of products and solutions suitable for the converting industry.

DuPont Tyvek® is a unique, printable substrate made up of randomly laid and compressed polyethylene fibers. Tyvek® is commonly used in banner, tag & label and wristband applications.

Tekra is an authorized distributor of Henkel Electronic Materials' full line of conductive inks and coatings that include silver conductive inks, carbon conductive inks, dielectric inks and a variety of specialty coatings and compounds.

Tekra Logo

Tekra offers a full line of private label pressure sensitive materials to ensure the best fit for your application.

Kaladex PEN film

Kaladex® is a brand of polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) film manufactured by Mylar® Specialty Films (formerly DuPont Teijin Films™) designed for harsh environment applications and filling the performance gap between polyester PET films and high-performance polyimide films.

Teonex® PEN films

Teonex® PEN films are uniquely positioned as the high performance alternative to the existing range of Melinex® and Mylar® polyester films. Tekra can make a recommendation for Teonex® PEN film based on your specific performance requirements.

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