To quote Benjamin Franklin, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”  To be a true solutions provider, the investment in sharing of industry and product knowledge is vital, or as Franklin would say “pays the best interest”.  At Tekra, we want to create a learning atmosphere that will help one another develop new capacities for action.  With our blog, we hope to have a quick and easy way to bring you the information you need to be successful. 

So check out our posts below.  Learn about new products, processing tips and techniques, and unique applications. Make sure to share the pertinent posts to your business with your colleagues.  Bookmark this page and come back often to find new learning opportunities. 

3M Lighting Films

Featured Product - 3M™ Lighting Films

3M™ Lighting Films are polymeric based films providing much more efficient dispersion of light than traditional, coated aluminum. The films can be custom converted at Tekra.

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Touch Panel Overlay

Application Spotlight - Digitally Printed Overlays Using Hardcoated Polycarbonate

Knowing when to choose traditional print methods vs. a digital option starts by understanding the digital advantages.

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JetView Latex 7.6 mil Backlit Display Film

Press Release - New Inkjet Backlit Media Available at Tekra

Tekra offers new and improved Inkjet Backlit Media making your illuminated prints pop!

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JetView Latex 7.6 mil Backlit Display Film

Featured Product – JetView™ Latex 7.6 mil Backlit Display Film

Better and Brighter. Check out our New JetView Latex Backlit Media!

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Backlit Film Bottles

Application Spotlight - Backlit Signs Using White Translucent Film

With the wide array of backlit medias on the market, how do you choose? Asking a few simply questions can help point you in the right direction.

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Electronic flex circuit

Tekra Fundamentals - What Is Polyester Film Used For?

Melinex® & Mylar® polyester films have a wide range of uses. Read more about common applications for polyester film, as well as reasons why you should use polyester over other film types.

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Dallas Skyline

Press Release - Bigger Really Was Better at Printing United, Dallas

‘Everything’s bigger in Texas’, and the first annual Printing United Show proved it with more exhibitors, more seminars and more ideas in Dallas.

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Tekra News Volume 10 No. 2

October 2019

Joining us in celebrating our 10 Year Tekra News Anniversary! Learn more about picking the exciting change at Tekra in the last decade, the right media for your application, and using Mylar® or Melinex® polyester as a casting media.

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Application Spotlight Collage

Application Spotlight - Applications by Media Type

When trying to expand your portfolio, sometimes it’s challenging to be sure you’re picking the right media for an application you’re new to creating. Here is a quick guide to help explain the pros and cons of each film and narrow down your options.

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PEN Film Solar Panel

Tekra Fundamentals - What are the Differences between PEN Film and PET Film?

Learn more about the differences between PEN film and PET film, as well as common applications.

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