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Film Innovation is the "Name of the Game" for Flexible Circuitry Used in the Electronics Market

Many companies in the flexible electronics industry are using flexible electronics, flex circuits, and printed electronics in their future forward products. It's the name of today's marketplace and means:

  • Creation of new technology, such as rolled electronics and responsive touch applications
  • Design flexibility and greater product functionality
  • Efficiency in manufacturing and less raw materials
  • Space savings for tight electronic configurations and multiple connections

Tekra distributes electronics films that are playing an integral role in meeting the technical needs of flexible electronic designs, which opens up our customer's ability to make products that are thinner, lighter, faster, and broader in market appeal.

By offering high quality, durable, flexible substrates, along with adhesives and inks receptive to printing and forming into functional devices, Tekra has earned its position as a conduit of innovation. Electronics, automotive seat heaters, sensors, and membrane switches are just a small sampling of products and applications thriving by incorporating Tekra materials.

Flexible Substrates for Electronics from Tekra

To evolve once rigid and bulky functional products into the desired product with today's characteristics, Tekra shares material and application expertise. Engineers, printers, fabricators, die-cutters and equipment manufacturers count on Tekra as the source for up-to-date information. From prototype to production, Tekra's knowledge of plastic coated substrates and their respective printing capabilities is unparalleled.

Durability in product performance has actually improved despite the continual high demand driving devices to become smaller, thinner, and more pliable.

Being able to withstand heat, mechanical forces, chemicals and other harsh environments is simply expected of film for the flexible electronics market. This is why Tekra excels in this market because our superior coatings applied to "best in class" plastic substrates equate to greater potential for flexible electronics and printed circuitry. Then add to that, high performance conductive inks and optically clear adhesives for even greater outcomes.

Selecting the right materials makes all the difference. With a product portfolio from proven manufacturers including Mylar® Specialty Films (formerly DuPont Teijin Films™) for PET and PEN films,  Henkel Electronics Materials for conductive inks to 3M adhesives and SABIC's LEXAN™ Polycarbonate films, Tekra's components have the flexible electronics market covered.

Contact us if you have questions about our wide variety of flexible substrates or need help selecting the right electronics film or ink for your unique application.

A Case in Point

In the 21st century we have seen futuristic technology become reality, from foldable keyboards to impossibly thin, lightweight displays and touch screens. At Tekra, we have seen our product offerings expand to meet industry demands.

Smart technology is found in the most sensible and unexpected of places. Flexible film electronics are at the core of products like auto seat warmers. Within the seat is printed circuitry on a flexible substrate with conductive inks, all materials distributed by Tekra. Applications like this once thought to require polyimide materials can now be made on today's much less expensive PET films.

Custom Solutions or Just-in-Time

Tekra is ready to handle flexible substrate, ink, and adhesive needs for the flexible and printed electronic marketplace. If your application calls for a more standard coated product, it is likely sitting on our shelf awaiting your call for JIT delivery.

Tekra works with innovators and printers of new technologies to guide in the right selection of materials. Our consultative approach is ideal for new technologies and helping bring the next big idea to fruition. For us at Tekra, it's about working alongside our customers and world-class supply partners, applying our industry and product knowledge throughout the discovery process to find the right fit.

It begins with a conversation to save you time and resources. With a clear idea of what the product will be expected to do and what environmental elements it will be subjected to, we can help guide the component selection. We then send substrate samples to ensure the product can meet the performance and printing expectations before full production begins.

Whether a JIT or Custom Solution is right for you, contact us. We're here to help.

Flexible Electronics Product Overview

Tekra's Wide Portfolio of Materials Suited for Flexible and Printed Electronics

TEKRA partners with industry innovators to help identify the best product for a project's specifications. We consult with customers at every step. Our "best in class" materials include Tekra coated films, Mylar® Specialty Films (formerly DuPont Teijin Films™), LEXAN™ films from SABIC, 3M™ optically clear adhesives, and inks (thick polymer films) from Henkel Electronic Materials.

Where a film is needed to stand up to harsh environment, we recommend our polyester PEN film products Kaladex® and Teonex®. Polyethylene Naphthalate film is designed for especially harsh conditions such as extreme heat, reactive chemicals, or where exceptional barrier performance is required.

We know the production stress flexible electronics are put through. Our conductive inks are heat stabilized to survive the rigors of any manufacturing scenario, as well as the final environment the product is subjected.

Polyester films can be coated to fit the exact need of our customers. TEKRA's hardcoat products can be applied to films along with a print receptive coating for success with varying print methods including digital.

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