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Automotive Protective Film from Tekra

At Tekra, we have dedicated ourselves to being the material experts in the field of plastic film substrates and applied coatings for the automotive market. Technology continues to change how functional and decorative parts are made and how they will be used in the final end product, so materials have needed to quickly adapt. Why? Automotive manufacturers are pressing for:

  • Lower Material Cost
  • Sleeker, Slimmer Designs
  • Light Weight Products
  • Greater Performance Efficiency,
  • Reduced Emissions

Our Advantages to Clear Films for Cars

We've met the challenge because our automotive protective film products boldly stand up to repetitive daily use and exposure to chemicals, UV rays, and abrasion.

Exclusive coatings by Tekra are ready to meet today's automotive market demands and coupled with our proprietary polyester and polycarbonate films and the breadth and depth of adhesive options, the possibilities for the automotive market are infinite. It's why printers, die-cutters, and OEM's rely on Tekra to supply the materials to improve aesthetics and instrumentation in automotive manufacturing.

When you’re ready to discuss your application’s unique requirements, contact our team to help you select and customize the right plastic film overlay.

A Case in Point

Seamless blending of light weight exterior body components and glass is an ongoing design challenge for automakers. Tekra, with our partner SABIC Innovative, continues to focus on formulating plastics and coatings to reduce in-car emissions. We are both proud to be a part of the solution and to offer such forward thinking products to the market, such as LEXAN™ SLX products.

Automotive Specialized Knowledge

With material capabilities evolving, a non-functional part once made out of metal is now made out of plastic and printed with metallic inks to look like metal. The efficiencies in manufacturing that can be achieved with more agile and print receptive substrates are shaping the future of auto production.

While flexibility in materials is opening doors, product quality and consistency are still at the forefront. Our goal at Tekra is to ensure our suppliers’ and customers' success.

Tekra has a wide variety of polyester and polycarbonate films and 3M adhesives to support the manufacturing of non-functional vehicle parts and labeling that requires special adhesion. We offer only "best in class" films and adhesives from world class suppliers Mylar® Specialty Films (formerly DuPont Teijin Films™), SABIC™ and 3M.

We invite you to learn firsthand how Tekra transforms extensive industry knowledge and technical product expertise in coated films and adhesives into a perfect application match. Be sure to ask for samples to begin testing the Tekra difference.

Films for Automotive Industry Product Overview

Discover the evolution in technology and request samples of our products. Slimmer, sleeker and lighter options from Tekra are transforming the automotive marketplace.

LEXAN™ Polycarbonate Film excels in printability, impact strength, and dimensional stability. Inherent performance advantages -- high temperature resistance and consistent workability in die-cutting, embossing and thermoforming.

DTF Melinex®, biaxial oriented polyester film, is available in super clear, thermally stabilized, matte, hazy, and opaque white varieties.

Tekra's hardcoats are specially formulated to maximize film and adhesive performance. Whether applied in a custom or as a standard formulation, Tekra's own Marnot™ and Marnot Advanced™ proprietary hardcoats stand up to abrasion and chemical testing.

A huge selection of 3M tapes and adhesives are available for "Just-in-Time" delivery. Choices include low outgas tapes to safety labels for applications underneath the hood and adhesives to mount printed graphics or for battery and tire labels.

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