Custom Coating of Plastic Film

Tekra works hand-in-hand with customers to develop unique, custom coating solutions that meet OEM needs. If you can't find a standard coated product that meets your needs, odds are we can make it for you. After all, tailoring a custom product to a highly specific customer need is Tekra's core competency. With a fully staffed Research and Development department of chemists and engineers, as well as a wide range of proprietary coating formulations, Tekra can rapidly produce coatings to meet your precise and often complex needs.

Tailoring chemistries is not a service offered by most coaters, but at Tekra we continually leverage our research capabilities to meet unique challenges. We can help you refine your specifications and define critical variables in a wide range of applications.

Bring us your unique coating application. With your specifications, and our R & D expertise, we can help you create the custom product that you and your customers need. We can be your toll coating partner where you supply the chemistry and/or film, or we can serve as your one-stop-shop by developing and providing the complete package to you.

Tekra operates under the strictest of confidence.  We provide exclusivity for your ideas, with Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) as necessary.

Examples of Possible Coating Types

Scratch Resistant Coating Chemical Resistant Coating
Anti Glare Coating Anti Reflective Coating
Matte Coating Texture Coating
UV Resistant Coating Dry Erase Coating
Anti Graffiti Coating Hydrophilic Coating
Anti Microbial Coating Print Receptive Coating
Digital Print Receptive Coating Planarized Coating
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Coating Anti Newton Ring Coating
Light Diffusing Coating Urethane Coating
...And many more! Allow us to help you create your own.  


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