Trient Assembly Capabilities

Beyond Die Cutting – With Trient, it’s a package deal

Trient is well known for our ability to produce die cut materials to exacting standards.  But we are so much more than that!  With our contract packaging and assembly solutions you get more than just a highly customized, cost-effective printed package.  It goes well beyond back cards and folding cartons.  And it doesn’t stop with clam shells or blisters.  You get a total turnkey solution. 

We can take hold of your project from the very beginning.  From the initial product development all the way to the end pack-out and distribution.  Trient can be your one-stop total supply-chain resource.  With Trient, packaging is just part of the package deal.

A Variety of Contract Assembly Services For Automotive & Medical

In addition to die cutting, we offer assembly solutions for automotive, medical, industrial and many other sectors.  We can do manual assembly, semi-automated assembly and fully automated, high-speed assembly.  We can also assemble in our state-of-the-art clean room. We always use LEAN, JIT and 5S practices to ensure our assembly processes are efficient. 

Packaging Products

  • Clam Shell Inserts and Blister Cards
  • Tyvek Medical Pouches

Packaging and Assembly Services

  • Blister Sealing
  • Clam Shell Inserts
  • Folding and Gluing
  • Hand Assembly
  • Shrink Wrapping, bagging
  • Burst Testing

Beyond the Package

Look to Trient’s dedicated team of experienced professional to take your concept from the beginning to a finished product.  For over twenty years, Trient has incorporated, warehousing, manufacturing, packaging, fulfillment and distribution. 

From Fortune 500 companies to aggressive upstarts; we develop faster, more cost-effective means to engineer, package and distribute your products. 

A strict reliance on Just-In-Time/Kan Ban inventory management system quickens output and eliminates obsolescence.  By leveraging our streamlined ordering process, we accept, fulfill, and ship orders the same day. 

Image of Trient Production Assembly

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