PEN - Harsh Environment Film

Recognized as the first polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) film globally, Teonex® PEN film is the product of choice for harsh environment applications. Manufactured by Toyobo Film Solutions Limited™, Teonex® PEN fills the performance gap between polyester films and high-performance polyimide films. Tekra can make a recommendation for Teonex® PEN film based on your specific performance requirements, and we have an in-depth sampling process, which involves various sampling and product data review.

Environmental Film Properties

Teonex® PEN film has many superior properties, such as:

  • Strength
  • Heat Resistance
  • Anti-Hydrolysis
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Low Oligomer Extraction

Tekra’s Teonex® film options can be used for flexible printed circuits, solar and PV cells, and automotive applications. PEN film is also used in electronic components, such as: capacitors, electric insulation, battery, and for optical end uses.

These harsh environment films should be considered a specialty product offering. They are manufactured in gauges from 1 mil to 10 mil, and, based on volume, stocking programs can be established to lessen the impact of product availability and lead times.

Common PEN Film Products

  • TEONEX® Q51

    • Excellent handling properties
  • TEONEX® Q83

    • Excellent handling properties
    • High dimensional stability

    • Printable on two sides
    • Good handling