Application Spotlight - Reliatrace Uses PTC Ink in Raisenne® Dough Riser

Reliatrace Utilizes PTC Heater Technology

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic came quarantining at home, which in turn led to a spike in home baking. This trend was the perfect opportunity for Reliatrace to launch Raisenne®, its new direct-to-consumer dough riser product that uses Henkel’s PTC ink to create the ideal temperature to raise dough for a perfect proof in less time.

Reliatrace, based in Amery, WI is a company known for designing and manufacturing reliable printed electronics and printed heating applications. In December 2020, Reliatrace was awarded a patent for the combination of Double-Sided Polymer Circuitry (D/SPC®) and Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heater inks. The Raisenne® Dough Riser is a flexible PTC heater that uses Reliatrace’s new D/SPC® technology along with Henkel’s PTC ink ink from Tekra.

“I was intrigued by the trend of baking bread during the quarantine. It felt like because people were stuck at home, they went back to being pioneers in a way,” said Joan Prissel, Customer Account Manager and Recruiter at Reliatrace, who came up with the Raisenne® idea. “People were looking for things to learn or challenge themselves with, and flour was easier to come by than toilet paper!” she laughed. “With baking, you don’t need anything fancy, it’s fun, and in the end, you’re proud of yourself.”

The inspiration behind Joan Prissel’s idea was her baking struggles at home. “The temperature of my house was not conducive to my recipes,” Joan explained. “I was using a stoneware bowl in hot water to proof dough. It worked, but only for about 15 minutes, which made me wonder, ‘How can I extend this 15-minute perfection to an hour or two?” The Raisenne® Dough Riser emerged as a solution to Joan’s problems.

The Proof Is in the PTC Ink

With Reliatrace’s printed heating circuitry that utilizes Henkel’s PTC ink from Tekra, it helps proof dough quickly and consistently at the ideal temperature. The use of PTC ink allows for more rapid and even heating than traditional wires and cables, while the printed heater’s ability to be incredibly thin and flexible also allows the Raisenne® Dough Riser to be easily placed under any bowl or pan for proofing and easily stored. PTC printed heaters are also inherently safer due to self-regulating temperature technology, which significantly decreases the chance of overheating.

“Raisenne does what my stoneware bowl experiment did for me but for a longer period of time,” Joan laughed. “I was fully aware of the proofing box, but honestly, I did not want to spend $200 for something that my good old stoneware bowl would do as a last resort.” Reliatrace wanted Raisenne® to be at a more accessible price point and easy to store.

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Image of Raisenne® Dough Riser using PTC ink

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