Tek Tip – What is Tekra's New Product Development process?

Conceptualize it. Discuss it. Produce it. Complete it.

Four steps. It’s really that easy! Okay, there may be a little further discussion, to ensure we create exactly what you’re looking for. But the overall concept is really that simple. Here’s how our New Product Development (NPD) process works:

  1. Idea/Concept: You come up with an idea for a coated plastic film with specific properties. Or if your customer is asking for something specific, and you can’t find what you need, in an off-the-shelf offering. Don’t let that stop you – don’t turn that customer away.
  2. Bring it to Tekra: Tekra has a staff of mechanical and chemical engineers, solely dedicated to developing and producing coated plastic films. Need a polycarbonate with an anti-fog hardcoat? We’ve done that…. Need a polyester with a protective urethane? Done…. Need your proprietary coating applied to a proprietary film?  You guessed it…..we do that, too! Tekra is your full-service custom coating partner. You dream it, we produce it. 
  3. Produce It: We create it for you.  Tekra has coating capabilities for films up to 60” wide, with multiple coating application and curing options, depending on the requirements of the coating itself.
  4. Complete It: We can help you qualify complimentary products, to complete your package offering. We offer a full range of complementary products, such as adhesives, inks and other films. 

Let Tekra help you create the coated film product that you need!  We look forward to working with you! Contact us today.

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