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We've tapped into the knowledge base of our seasoned staff of engineers, R&D and product managers to come up with a series of technical tips which we've dubbed "Tek Tips."  Some Tek Tips examples include:

  • Film and adhesive selection advice
  • Step by step processing techniques
  • Valuable "tips of the trade" from other customers
  • Defining complicated technical terms or tests in easy to read and understandable ways

Tekra's vendor partners, at times in conjunction with Tekra staff, have written industry white papers which can also be requested in this section.

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Tek Tip - Light Management Terminology

September 2023
Light Management Terminology: There are a few key terms to learn and Tekra is here to help.
Inspecting Corner Guards of Shipment

Tek Tip - Freight Claims

September 2023
This article provides an overview of what to look for when receiving freight shipments, and how to determine if there was potential damage caused during transport.

Tek Tip - Tekra's New Product Development and Research & Development Teams

October 2018
Tekra’s new product development team and R&D team are dedicated to creating custom coated film products to meet your specifications when an off-the-shelf material falls short.

Tek Tip - Rigid Vinyl vs. High Impact Polystyrene

August 2015
Rigid Vinyl (PVC) and High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) are two comparable films used for very similar applications that can make it difficult to make the best choice on which film to use. This Tek Tip defines the subtle differences in the films allowing you to make the proper choice for your application.

Tek Tip - Medical Plastic Film Terminology

May 2014
Medical film terminology is ever changing and often times can be quite confusing. Here, Tekra offers a comprehensive listing of terms used in the medical film industry that we have compiled over our many years of medical films experience to help our medical customers.

Tek Tip - Data Sheet Properties vs. Specifications

November 2013
Design engineers need to determine the difference between actual and nominal properties when specifying a particular component or construction. This technical tip discusses the differences between a product's general properties vs. a controlled specification.

Tek Tip - What Offset Printers Need to Know About Plastic Films

March 2013
When making a material selection, offset printers need to make a determination between paper vs. plastic. The pros and cons of that selection criteria are explained making the decision process easier in this technical tip.
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