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We've tapped into the knowledge base of our seasoned staff of engineers, R&D and product managers to come up with a series of technical tips which we've dubbed "Tek Tips."  Some Tek Tips examples include:

  • Film and adhesive selection advice
  • Step by step processing techniques
  • Valuable "tips of the trade" from other customers
  • Defining complicated technical terms or tests in easy to read and understandable ways

Tekra's vendor partners, at times in conjunction with Tekra staff, have written industry white papers which can also be requested in this section.

Tek Tip - Polyester Surface Treatment

February 2019
Polyester films almost always have at least one surface “roughened” either by the addition of slip agents or by a surface coating. Doing so, ensures the correct interaction between a printer’s desired end use application and the properties of the PET film type.

Tek Tip - Amorphous vs. Semi-Crystalline Polyester

January 2019
Polyester film has a semi-crystalline “structure” or pattern at the molecular level. This structure results from the biaxial orientation process. This introductory article explains that principle and the resulting versatile PET film properties.

Tek Tip - Understanding Polyester Film Tolerances

January 2019
Polyester manufacturers like DuPont Teijin Films™ (DTF), monitor & control several key film attributes during the manufacturing process. Gauge is just one such variable.

Tek Tip - Differences in Weatherable Films Offered by Tekra

August 2018
Tekra has several products to choose from when weatherability is a must for the final application.

Tek Tip - Light Management & Diffusing Films Selector Guide

March 2017
Tekra and our supply partners offer 3 different types of light management products: Light Transmission, Light Diffusing, and Light Reflecting. This Tek Tip takes a deep dive into each type and the materials within these categories to help you determine which material is best for your application.

Tek Tip - How to Determine the Presence of a Primer

January 2016
Polyester film is a chemically inert thermoplastic material, in large part due to the biaxial orientation process (stretched in the machine and transverse directions), during manufacture. This property, while a desired benefit for many high performance differentiated, specialty, and industrial applications, can make polyester film challenging to print.

Tek Tip - Typical Polyester Film Service Temperature Ranges

December 2015
One of the most unique attributes that separates polyester (PET) film from other thermo-plastic substrates is its ability to retain good physical properties over a wide temperature range.

Tek Tip - Synthetics for P.O.P Applications

October 2015
With multiple synthetic materials and various printing methods to choose from, it's hard to know which synthetic to choose for your P.O.P signage. Understanding the full scope of your application, and a quick reference chart, can help you make the right choice.

Tek Tip - Custom Membrane Switch Components

July 2014
There are five main components of a membrane switch that each perform a specific function. This technical tip article breaks down in detail the five layers of the switch, what function each layer performs, and what type of materials that are available for each component.

Tek Tip - Medical Plastic Film Terminology

May 2014
Medical film terminology is ever changing and often times can be quite confusing. Here, Tekra offers a comprehensive listing of terms used in the medical film industry that we have compiled over our many years of medical films experience to help our medical customers.


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