Tek Tip - Rigid Vinyl vs. High Impact Polystyrene

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and Rigid Vinyl (sometimes referred to as PVC or RPVC) are often the main films considered for a variety of lower cost applications such as point-of-purchase signage, shelf danglers, membership and loyalty cards, and tags to name a few. On the surface, it is sometimes viewed that the two films are often interchangeable and either one can be used. However, there are some key differences in film characteristics that leads to one film being the better choice over the other depending on the application needs. The chart below compares key characteristics of the two films and will help you make the best choice in using either rigid vinyl or polystyrene film.

Choosing the right film for the application can have significant impact on the performance and quality of the finished product in the field. It can also be the difference between a happy customer that reorders from you or one that looks to your competition.

Tekra stocks both rigid vinyl and polystyrene in a variety of gauges, finishes, and colors. We offer free test samples for you to see which film is the best choice for your application. Please call or contact your Tekra sales representative today!

High Impact Polystyrene and Rigid Vinyl for Shelf Danglers

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