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Tekra is known for being a manufacturer and distributor of high performance plastic films and experts in the science of coating. Our New Product Development technical team is made up of engineers, chemists, and sales managers who have an average of 20 years of experience in the market. All of the members of the team continually educate themselves to keep up with market trends. This knowledge base allows our Research & Development team to move projects quickly through the concept phase into production of a new product.

Our state-of-the-art lab is a major advantage to our Research and Development department. It gives our chemists and engineers the ability to complete the necessary testing to allow for rapid prototyping and continue progressing the project forward. Once the material has been created and has successfully been coated on the pilot coater in the lab there is a run scheduled to have the material produced on the full size coaters for a trial. This can be accomplished by using our roll coaters or by way of our slot die technology as well as two different methods of curing. By offering multiple ways of coating we are able to work with the customer to develop specific coatings depending on the characteristics desired in the final product that will be most efficient.

While developing custom coatings for unique applications is a large part of what we do, our R&D department also has the capabilities to ‘tweak’ our current standard coatings to enhance specific characteristics. Not only does using a standard coating as a starting point save on the time it takes to start a project, it also provides a sense of familiarity for the team developing the new version because they know how the base chemistry performs. For example, we can adjust the level of matte on our products making it the exact level for you.

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