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Stay on top of your market with the latest news and announcements from Tekra and our vendor partners such as 3M, DuPont Teijin Films, and SABIC Innovative Plastics. Be the first to find the announcements that are sent out to all the industry publications for release and stay one step ahead of your competition. All press releases are archived here too, so you can always refer back to them at any time.

Press Release - 2012 SGIA Expo Recap

November 2012
Didn't attend the 2012 SGIA show? Here is a recap of the top highlights of the show including updates on the SGIA Printed Electronics and Membrane Switch Symposium.

Press Release - UV Inkjet Coated Polycarbonate Added to JetView Line

October 2012
Tekra has announced the introduction of new UV inkjet coated polycarbonate films that are being added to their JetView™ line of films for UV inkjet printers. These coated films offer many features including enhanced ink adhesion.

Press Release - A New 5mil Gauge Added to Marnot Advanced Polyester Line

October 2012
Tekra is expanding the line of Marnot Advanced™ Hardcoated Polyester with its new 5 mil version. The 5 mil version delivers all the same benefits that users have been accustomed to with the 7mil version including chemical resistance to sunscreen and DEET and 3H pencil hardness.

Press Release - Improved Dura-Go® Static Cling for HP Indigo Printers

September 2012
Tekra has announce the launch of a new and improved Dura-Go® white and clear static cling products for HP Indigo printers. These two new films perform exceedingly well in solving all the common issues of printing static cling on an HP Indigo press.

Press Release - Tekra's Dura-Go PVC Now Stocked in 13" x 19" Sheet Size

August 2012
Same great quality and now in a larger sheet size! Tekra has announced that their Dura-Go PVC is now additionally stocked in a larger 13" x 19" sheet size to accommodate the large sheet size opportunities with the newer HP Indigo presses.

Press Release - Tekra Introduces New Toner Products to the ToneKote™ Product Line

December 2011
Tekra has developed a new coated rigid vinyl (PVC) that will accept toner allowing PVC to be printed with most toner based digital presses.

Press Release - Tekra Introduces Dura-Go® Colored PVC Films for HP Indigo Presses

November 2011
Tekra has introduced a variety of different color Dura-Go® PVC sheets coated for HP Indigo printers that give printers unique looks while saving them time and money from eliminating the costly flood printing process.

Press Release - Tekra Corporation Launches Dura-Go® ProTek® Weatherable Clear Polyester

November 2011
Tekra has combined two excellent coatings to create one new product for their Dura-Go® line of films for HP Indigo printers. Tekra announces the launch of Dura-Go® ProTek® Weatherable Clear Polyester, a new UV resistant hardcoated polyester that blocks over 99% of UVA, UVB, and UVC light protecting the HP Indigo inks from fading.

Press Release - Tekra Introduces Marnot Advanced LI Polycarbonate Hardcoated Film

August 2011
Tekra is proud to introduce Marnot Advanced™ LI Polycarbonate, a new hardcoated polycarbonate with low iridescence. Iridescence, sometimes referred to as corona, is the distracting rainbow or oily sheen pattern that can be seen on the surface of the film when viewed at certain angles. This new film, using refractive index matching technology, virtually eliminates iridescence.

Tekra Introduces 3M VHB RP Bonding Tape

July 2011
3M™ VHB™ RP tapes provide a virtually indestructible bond by spreading the stress load across seamless joined surfaces free of rivets and screws. 3M™ VHB™ RP bonding Tapes- the right product, the right performance, now at the right price.


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