Press Release - 2012 SGIA Expo Recap

New Berlin, WI - Tekra recently exhibited at the 2012 SGIA Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year’s show was unique, as the SGIA Printed Electronics and Membrane Switch Symposium was incorporated into the traditional SGIA show. Combining the two shows together lead to a more valuable attendee experience along with a high number of attendees totalling over 22,000.

Highlights of the show included:

- The Industrial & Printed Electronic Zone: There were a number of free presentations throughout the show that were a must see for any screen or graphic imager who prints high precision products. Tekra conducted a free educational presentation entitled, “Advancements in Films & Other Materials Used in Printed Electronics,” along with their partners 3M, DuPont Teijin Films™ (now known as Mylar® Specialty Films), and SABIC. Topics in the presentation included substrate and material selection processes, design guidelines, applications and current trends.

- UV inkjet: If there was one overriding theme of the SGIA show, it was UV inkjet. Companies such as HP, EFI, Oce, Durst, and Mimaki were all showing their lines of UV inkjet presses. In some cases, as with HP, inkjet presses where the only equipment they were showing. A quick informal survey showed a large percentage of attendees were specifically at the show to check out the new equipment and were looking to make purchases in the next 3 to 9 months.

- Plastic Substrates for UV inkjet: A variety of companies were showcasing their substrates that were compatible with UV inkjet presses. The highlight of the show, was Tekra’s own JetView Polycarbonate for UV inkjet presses. UV inkjet presses can print on uncoated films such as polycarbonate, however the adhesion of ink to substrate can be suspect for more demanding applications. A buzz at the show was generated when it was demonstrated that Tekra’s coating on JetView PC allowed printed pieces to pass the ASTM D3359 tape test. JetView was showcased at Tekra’s own booth and could be seen being printed at the Oce booth. Many samples of JetView polycarbonate and polyester were requested by companies and OEM’s.

Overall the 2012 SGIA show in Las Vegas was a success. Tekra’s booth had many visitors and a wealth of knowledge was exchanged. The 2013 SGIA show will be in Orlando, Florida October 23rd through the 25th. We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information please contact Tekra at (800) 491-9578 or visit

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