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Stay on top of your market with the latest news and announcements from Tekra and our vendor partners such as 3M, DuPont Teijin Films, and SABIC Innovative Plastics. Be the first to find the announcements that are sent out to all the industry publications for release and stay one step ahead of your competition. All press releases are archived here too, so you can always refer back to them at any time.

Press Release - Tekra Introduces Marnot Advanced LI Polycarbonate Hardcoated Film

August 2011
Tekra is proud to introduce Marnot Advanced™ LI Polycarbonate, a new hardcoated polycarbonate with low iridescence. Iridescence, sometimes referred to as corona, is the distracting rainbow or oily sheen pattern that can be seen on the surface of the film when viewed at certain angles. This new film, using refractive index matching technology, virtually eliminates iridescence.

Press Release - Tekra Introduces New Dura-Go Metallic Gold & Silver Rigid Vinyl Films for HP Indigo Presses

July 2011
Tekra has launched a metallic silver and gold PVC to their line of Dura-Go® films. Available in 10 mils thick coated two sides, these two new Dura-Go® films allows printers unique looks that will differentiate their applications from the competition.

Press Release - Tekra Announces New Marnot® Flame Retardant Clear Polycarbonate

February 2011
Tekra introduces Marnot® Flame Retardant Polycarbonate to the Marnot hardcoat family. Using SABIC's LEXAN™ FR60 as the base film, Marnot Flame Retardant Polycarbonate consists of a UL 94 V-0 rated polycarbonate with Tekra's clear hardcoat on the first surface which provides chemical, scratch, and abrasion resistance.

Press Release - Tekra Introduces Marnot Advanced™ Hardcoated Clear Polyester Film

February 2011
Tekra has introduced Marnot Advanced™ Polyester to provide additional benefits to our standard Marnot® Polyester line of films. These new benefits include improved pencil hardness of 3H and enhanced chemical resistance to tough chemicals like sunscreen and DEET.

Press Release - New Anti-Glare Marnot® Hardcoated Film Offered By Tekra

February 2011
Tekra announces the addition of Marnot® AG Polyester, an anti-glare hardcoated polyester with optical properties. This combination of anti-glare performance with Marnot's abrasion and chemical resistance allows customers to experience better results in optical applications.

Press Release - Tekra Announces Creation of New Dura-Go Brochure for HP Indigo Presses

February 2011
Tekra has created a new Dura-Go brochure that captures all of the various film and adhesive products available to HP Indigo printers.

Press Release - Tekra Announces New ProTek® Weatherable Clear Polyester

January 2011
Tekra announces the launch of ProTek® Weatherable Clear Polyester, a new UV resistant hardcoated polyester film. ProTek® Weatherable Clear Polyester blocks UVA, UVB, and UVC light, which typically can yellow, crack, or fade inks on uncoated films.

Press Release - Tekra Introduces 3M™ Quick Bonding Adhesive 360 Product Family

January 2011
3M™ High Performance Quick Stick Acrylic Adhesive 360 is available in transfer tape and double coated options through Tekra. The tapes bond well to both high and low surface energy substrates using less adhesive resulting in thinner bond lines.

Press Release - New 3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners Offered By Tekra

January 2011
Tekra announces the addition of 3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners to their extensive distribution line of 3M products.

Press Release - Tekra Announces Additional Dura-Go Films Approved by RIT for HP Indigo 5500 & 7000 Presses

January 2011
Tekra recently had for more Dura-Go® film products certified for the HP Indigo 5500 and HP Indigo 7000 presses. These products were certified by RIT and received the highest rating possible of 3 stars.


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