Image of MYLAR® A hazy polyester film

MYLAR® A films are tough, general purpose films that are transparent in 48 through 92 gauge and translucent in heavier gauges. They have a rough surface to provide ease of handling, good adhesion, and processability. Over time, where some films can harden with age, MYLAR® A films remain flexible while remaining resistant to moisture.

They are used for a broad range of industrial applications such as stencils, apparel stays, book jackets, carbon ribbon, control tape, drumheads, identifications, and membrane touch switches.


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  • MYLAR® A .5 mil (12.5 micron)
  • MYLAR® A 1 mil (25 micron)
  • MYLAR® A 1.42 mil (35.5 micron)
  • MYLAR® A 2 mil (50 micron)
  • MYLAR® A 3 mil (75 micron)
  • MYLAR® A 4 mil (100 micron)
  • MYLAR® A 5 mil (125 micron)
  • MYLAR® A 7.5 mil (187.5 micron)
  • MYLAR® A 9 mil (225 micron)
  • MYLAR® A 10 mil (250 micron)
  • MYLAR® A 12 mil (300 micron)
  • MYLAR® A 14 mil (350 micron)


  • Balanced tensile properties
  • Excellent resistance to moisture and most chemicals
  • Can withstand temperature extremes from -100°F to 300ºF
  • Does not become brittle with age

Typical Applications

  • Apparel stays
  • Book jackets
  • Stencils
  • Carbon ribbon
  • Control Tape
  • Drumheads
  • Identifications
  • Membrane touch switches
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