Featured Product - Marnot Advanced™ Hardcoated Clear Polyester

Tekra’s Marnot Advanced™ Hardcoated Clear Polyester is a part of Tekra’s own line of hardcoated films designed to enhance chemical, scratch, and abrasion resistance. This product is often used in applications such as appliance overlays, membrane touch switches and consumer product screens where it will see a lot of contact with chemicals. Marnot Advanced™ Hardcoated Clear Polyester can withstand chemicals ranging from MEK and Methylene to mustard and tomato juice all the way to sunscreen and DEET. Depending on the end use application the product could come into contact with these chemicals on a monthly, daily, or even hourly basis.

Additionally, the Marnot Advanced™ coating is first and second surface printable. Printing the first few layers of ink on the second surface allows you to get the proper registration for the part. Once that is complete the first surface printability allows you to apply the clearing, texturing, and/or matte inks. The ability of the coating to withstand eight passes under UV light before being fully cured puts this product in a different category from its competitors.

Lastly, by applying Tekra’s Marnot Advanced coating to a heat stabilized polyester base film it ensures the polyester will not shrink once it is exposed to heat as it typically is in the post-process stages. This product not only has increased scratch, abrasion, and chemical resistance it also offers a pencil hardness of 3H allowing the material to withstand a higher degree of stress on the film before it will scratch.

Tekra actively stocks this material in .005, .007, and .010 in a 49” bulk roll along with 48” x 24” sheets. To find out more information about Marnot Advanced™ Hardcoated Clear Polyester please contact a Tekra sales representative

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