Featured Product – ProTek® Velvet Texture Heat Stabilized Hardcoated Polyester

A velvety finish and hardcoat resistance...

Tekra’s newest addition to the ProTek® line of films is ProTek® Velvet Texture Heat Stabilized Hardcoated Polyester. This material offers a unique velvety texture combined with the hardcoat benefits that all of Tekra’s hardcoated films offer including excellent chemical, scratch, and abrasion resistance. The combination of the texture and functionality of this material offers a unique solution for applications where a tactile feel is desired.

ekra uses a heat stabilized polyester as the base film which offers dimensional stability when putting the material through a variety of processes including, but not limited to, printing, die cutting, embossing, and laminating. The ease of processing offered by ProTek Velvet makes this substrate a perfect candidate to be used in applications such as overlays, membrane switches, control panels,durable labels, and more. 

To add to the benefits ProTek Velvet Texture offers, it can be first-surface decorated beyond the first pass to eliminate the need for blind registering. This feature means applying a clearing ink for viewing windows on the first surface will no longer be a struggle. This film is also second surface printable with UV inkjet inks making it an excellent addition to a digital portfolio.

Tekra currently offers this material in 7 mil 49” master rolls that can be slit and converted into your preferred size. We also offer this material in 48” x 24” stock sheets. Call your Tekra sales representative today for more information on this new product!
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