Press Release - Tekra Announces New Marnot® Flame Retardant Clear Polycarbonate

  • New Berlin, WI - Tekra announces the launch of Marnot® Flame Retardant Clear Polycarbonate, a UL94 V-0 rated polycarbonate with a clear hardcoat placed on the first surface. The film provides traditional hardcoat properties such as chemical resistance to most major household and industrial chemicals, scratch and abrasion resistance, and adds the flame retardant capability of the underlying film to product a substrate suitable for aerospace and hazardous environment controls and displays.

    Currently available using 10 mil (250 micron) LEXAN™ FR-60 base film, it also provides first surface UV lacquer printability after as many as ten prior passes through a UV curing unit. It provides the only choice for hardcoats to be used in applications for dangerous environments. “With the addition of a hardcoat to the LEXAN™ FR-60 base film, Marnot Flame Retardant Clear Polycarbonate remains a highly flame retardant substrate, and has done well in industry specific testing at certain industrial and aerospace suppliers,” states Carl Sommerstad, Director of Technical Sales at Tekra.

    For more information on these new products or for free test samples, please contact Tekra at (800) 491-9578 or visit our website at