Press Release - Tekra Introduces Marnot Advanced LI Polycarbonate Hardcoated Film

New Berlin WI - Tekra introduces Marnot Advanced LI Polycarbonate, a new hardcoated polycarbonate with ultra low iridescence for the screen printing and electronics markets.

Iridescence, sometimes referred to as corona, is a rainbow or oily sheen visual phenomenon that can be seen on the surface of a film when viewed at certain angles.  Iridescence can be a major issue for applications where you need to look through the film such as electronic hand held devices and appliance name plates, face plates, and membrane switches.  Using refractive index matching technology, Marnot Advanced LI Polycarbonate has virtually eliminated iridescence.  This allows colors such as appliance white, jet blacks, and crisp metallics to be vibrant with no oily sheen.

Marnot Advanced LI Polycarbonate has many other benefits.  It has superior chemical resistance compared to competitive films.  Marnot Advanced LI Polycarbonate passes all standard chemical tests including chemicals such as MEK, acetone, and common household cleaners.  In addition, the film passes exposure to “hard to resist” chemicals such as Schering Plough’s Coppetone™ SPF 70+ spray and lotion and SC Johnson’s Deep Woods OFF™ with 25% DEET.  No post curing of the film is needed for this chemical resistance.  The film is resistant “as manufactured” eliminating the costly step of post curing the hardcoat by printers.

The film is first and second surface printable.  It can also withstand up to 10 second surface decoration passes before you need to first surface decorate. This eliminates the need to “blind register” your first surface graphics that can lead to high waste.  Marnot Advanced LI Polycarbonate has outstanding embossing including reduced micro cracking of the hardcoat, is easy to die cut, and has excellent abrasion resistance.

Marnot Advanced LI Polycarbonate is available in 7, 10, 15, 20, and 30 mils thick.  The film is stocked in 48.5” bulk rolls and 48”x24” sheets.  Samples and data sheets are available from Tekra.

For more information on this new product or for free test samples, please contact Tekra at (800) 491-9578 or visit our web site at

Tekra has provided plastic film and adhesive solutions to the printing industry for over 30 years and to the digital films industry for over 10 years.  Tekra offers proprietary coating technologies, converting services, and, through special supplier relationships, a full line of plastic substrates.  Tekra is the North American authorized distributor and exclusive distributor to the North American medical diagnostic market for DuPont Teijin Films™ (now known as Mylar® Specialty Films), the authorized distributor for the polycarbonate film products of SABIC Innovative Plastics in the United States and Canada, and an Authorized Converter and Distributor for 3M adhesives.

* Coppertone SPF 70+ is a registered trademark of Schering Plough* Deep Woods OFF is a registered trademark of FB Johnson

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