Polyester Films for Casting & Release Liner Applications

Successful manufacturing processes utilizing casting and release liner films rely heavily on the physical interaction that takes place between the applied media and the carrier film. The desired interaction is a delicate balance between adhesion and release values which can vary greatly depending on the application.

Polyester (PET) film, also known as BOPET, is often used as the carrier film substrate in casting and release manufacturing processes due to its high mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and thermal stability at high processing temperatures. These enhanced properties give polyester films an edge over other less-stable polymer or paper substrates.

Common Polyester Films for Casting & Release Liners

Tekra can supply a broad portfolio of Mylar® and Melinex® polyester films used in cast & release liner applications, featuring various surface textures ranging from rough to smooth to high gloss as well as surface treatments that enhance release, including silicones.

For applications requiring an easily peelable release from the carrier substrate, such as labels, polyester films with a silicone release liner coating like Mylar® RSXR951 or Mylar® A601 may be preferred. In other instances, when the carrier surface requires a bit more tack to adhere to the cast media, a more general-use polyester film like Mylar® A, Mylar® RSX, or Melinex® S might be ideal.

Certain cast media requires a carrier film with a rougher surface texture to achieve the desired interaction. That’s where Melinex® 377 and Melinex® 378 come in, which each feature a rougher, matte surface topography. Melinex® 378 has a rougher matte surface than Melinex® 377.  Tekra carries these liner products in rolls or can slit it into sheets. 

Cast & Release Liner Applications

  • High End Filtration Media
  • Labels
  • Hot Stamping Foil
  • Construction & Building Materials
  • Fiber Reinforced Panels (FRP)

Questions about Tekra’s polyester film offerings for casting and release applications? Call 866-468-4024 to speak with a Tekra representative.

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