Mylar® A601 Film

Image of Mylar® A601 hazy, silicone-release polyester film

Mylar® A601 is a silicone-coated polyester film designed for use as a release film. The silicone release coating is applied to the film during the film production process, providing excellent adhesion of the silicone release coating to the polyester film for improved release coating durability and performance. Mylar® A601 has balanced dimensional stability, and release values are approximately 35 grams per 25 mm when tested with aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesives. It is recommended that the film be tested in each application to verify the absolute value of the release strength.


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  • Mylar® A601 5 mil (125 micron)


  • One-side silicone-release coating
  • Approximate release values of 35 g/25 mm
  • Balance dimensional stability
  • Durable
  • Good thermal stability at high temperatures

Typical Applications

  • Release liner for printing applications
  • Casting and release processes
  • Label
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