Application Spotlight - Overlay Market Series: The Importance of Scratch Resistance

How Tekra’s hardcoats protect your graphic…

Tekra’s line of hardcoated films have a variety of features and benefits, but above all else the scratch resistance is a feature that in inherent to all of our films. Since polycarbonate and polyester films are the base of the coated products and the majority of our films go into overlay applications, it is extremely important that we apply the hardcoat to improve the scratch resistance and overall durability of the product.

Without the scratch resistance in the Tekra hardcoated film line these materials would easily mar and make the graphic beneath it unrecognizable. In the case of the overlay market a very common application is the appliance industry for washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, etc. An overlay that is designed for these end use products not only has to be durable to last the lifespan of the appliance, but also be extremely scratch resistant to withstand the common occurrences that uncoated products could not tolerate such as:

• Cleaning of the appliance (cleaning towel’s surface)
• Occasional strikes to the overlay (laundry basket)
• Children with their toys

Accidental or intentional, all of these actions will scratch an uncoated film and quickly make the underlying graphic unreadable.

Tekra’s offerings within the Marnot® and Marnot Advanced™ lines vary depending on the end use application. Options within the lines include polyester or polycarbonate base film, clear or matte, and low iridescence products. We have our Marnot® Clear, Marnot® Mattes, and Marnot Advanced™ Low Iridescent in both polycarbonate and polyester. In addition, the ProTek® product line offers different textures that your application may require such as a fine or velvet finish adding the tactile feel that is common in applications such as exercise equipment.

Call your Tekra sales representative today for more details on our entire hardcoated film offering!

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