ProTek® Hardcoated Film

ProTek® coating is Tekra’s premium protective hardcoat designed to complement the Marnot line by providing additional options for functionality and appearance.  The ProTek family includes ProTek Fine Texture Polyester and ProTek Weatherable Clear Polyester.  Both of these hardcoats provide abrasion, scratch, and chemical resistance and the ability to accept multiple passes of UV inks.  ProTek Weatherable coating also offers UV resistance from the sun to prevent film yellowing and degradation when exposed to outdoor conditions.  These features combined with higher optical quality and improved processing performance make ProTek films the proven choice for nameplates, faceplates, membrane touch switches, control panels, and lens applications.      

Additional benefits include:

  • Attractive textured finishes
  • Improved pencil hardness of up to 2H for polyester
  • Outstanding embossing
  • Easily die-cuts

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