Marnot Advanced™ Hardcoated Film

Marnot Advanced™ is the next generation of hardcoated hardcoated polycarbonate films that meet the rigorous requirements of the appliance, automotive, membrane switch overlay, touch screen, and lens markets.  Using high quality base films and coated on state of the art clean room coating lines, Marnot Advanced offers enhanced chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and pencil hardness.  All Marnot Advanced films are screen printable with a wide variety of inks and are available worldwide through Tekra’s distribution channels.

Within the Marnot Advanced product line is Marnot Advanced LI (low iridescent) Polycarbonate film.  Using refractive index matching technology, all Marnot Advanced LI Polycarbonate films have an ultra-low iridescence property that essentially eliminates the “rainbow” or “oily sheen” phenomenon present in other hardcoated polycarbonate films.

Additional benefits include:

  • Enhanced chemical resistance including hard to resist chemicals such as SPF 70+ suntan lotion and insect repellent with 25% DEET
  • Increased pencil hardness of up to 3H for polyester
  • Outstanding embossing characteristics
  • First and second surface printable
  • Easily die-cuts
  • Accepts solvent and UV inks

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