3M™ Versatile Print Material 7903V

3M Label Material 7903V

3M™ Versatile Print Material 7903V is a gloss polyester label material that offers durability and moisture resistance. The topcoat is formulated to print with multiple technologies, including UV inkjet, water flexo, UV flexo, thermal transfer and screen printing. This label product utilizes 3M™ High Performance Acyclic Adhesive 350 which offers excellent chemical resistance and holding strength even at high temperatures. Replacement for 3M™ Sheet Label Materials 7026

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  • 3M™ Versatile Print Material 7903V


  • Adhesive can permanently bond to high surface energy (HSE) and low surface energy (LSE) plastics, textured and contoured surfaces, powder coatings, and slightly oily metals.
  • Thick adhesive caliper provides for stronger bond on textured surfaces.
  • Facestock is topcoated for high quality and durable printing with multiple print technologies including UV inkjet, water and UV flexo, thermal transfer, and screen.
  • UL recognized (File MH16411) See the UL listing for details.

Typical Applications

  • Barcode labels and rating plates
  • Property identification and asset labeling
  • Warning, instruction, and service labels for durable goods
  • Nameplates and durable goods
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