Featured Product – 3M™ Versatile Print Label Material

  • Simplify your label portfolio with 3M™ Versatile Print Label Material

    Maneuvering through the number of label materials required for different print methods and inks can be difficult. 3M™ Versatile Print Label Material’s single, gloss topcoat offers print receptivity across a variety of methods including:

    • Water-Based Flexographic
    • UV Flexographic 
    • UV Digital-(InkJet)
    • Thermal Transfer
    • Screen Printing


    Streamline your purchases and improve workflow all while creating sharp images with near zero edge bleed.  Potential applications include:

    • Variable data applications
    • Bar-codes
    • Brand-matched colors.   


    3M™ Versatile Print Label Material outperforms traditional gloss polyester materials while reducing or even eliminating the need for priming and corona pre-treatments. The material has been proven to deliver significantly higher ink anchorage as well as higher scratch and smear resistance than the competition In fact, since the ink dries faster using 3M™ Versatile Print Label Media, press speeds for water-based flexographic printing are drastically cut allowing the machines to run faster and more efficiently.   

    Available materials include: 

    3M™ Versatile Print Label Material 

    Facestock    Adhesive type         Gauge    Liner Type
    7876V 2 mil White Gloss PET  350   1.1 mil 55# Densified Kraft
    7871V    2 mil White Gloss PET    350    1.8 mil   55# Densified Kraft
    7908V    2 mil White Gloss PET  350  1.8 mil  88# Densified Kraft
    7331V  2 mil White Gloss PET 300  0.8 mil  55# Densified Kraft
    7816V      2 mil White Gloss PET  310  0.8 mil 55# Densified Kraft
    7872V    2 mil Platinized Gloss PET  350 1.8 mil   55# Densified Kraft
    7875V  2 mil Platinized Gloss PET  310  0.8 mil  55# Densified Kraft      

    3M™ Versatile Print Label Material also carries UL component recognition to UL969 labeling and Marking Standard with many ink systems and print technologies*

    Contact us today to find out more about how 3M™ Versatile Print Media can help simplify your label business.      

    *see UL file MH16411 in UL Product iQ™ (certifications search) at ul.com for more details.   

3M Versatile Print Label Material