Tek Tips & White Papers

We've tapped into the knowledge base of our seasoned staff of engineers, R&D and product managers to come up with a series of technical tips which we've dubbed "Tek Tips."  Some Tek Tips examples include:

  • Film and adhesive selection advice
  • Step by step processing techniques
  • Valuable "tips of the trade" from other customers
  • Defining complicated technical terms or tests in easy to read and understandable ways

Tekra's vendor partners, at times in conjunction with Tekra staff, have written industry white papers which can also be requested in this section.

White Paper - Polyester Films for Medical Device Applications

April 2013
Polyester films inherent characteristics of strength, chemical inertness, dielectric properties, high value, processability and consistency, have led to the broad use of PET films in blood glucose, diagnostic assay, and other biosensor applications. This white paper examines the requirements and process challenges involved in extending an industrial product (PET) into more rigorous and closely regulated medical diagnostic device design and manufacture.

Tek Tip - What Offset Printers Need to Know About Plastic Films

March 2013
When making a material selection, offset printers need to make a determination between paper vs. plastic. The pros and cons of that selection criteria are explained making the decision process easier in this technical tip.

Tek Tip - The Evolving of the Digital Card Market

November 2012
The digital card market continues to evolve and is an ever increasing opportunity for digital printers of all types. This technical tip will discuss the changing marketplace in regards to the printing, processing, and films used to make digital cards.

Tek Tip - Pink Poly Anti-Static Packaging Material Warning for Polycarbonate Users

November 2012
Packaging materials, such as "Pink Poly", serve a dual purpose in reducing both surface contamination as well as eliminating electrostatic discharge from occurring. However, manufacturers need to heed caution to potential hazards when using such materials with plastic films containing amines, such as polycarbonate. Learn more about these potential hazards with this technical tip.

Tek Tip - Pre-Shrinking Parameters for Polyester Films

December 2011
Manufacturers require dimensional stability of base polyester film substrates to insure best performance for tight tolerance printing. The technical tip "Pre-shrinking Parameters for Polyester Films" discusses those registration variables able to be controlled prior to the printing process.

Tek Tip - Storage and Handling Recommendations of Pretreated Polyester (PET) Films

May 2011
Proper handling and storage of polyester films can ensure the product meets its full performance life. This technical tip provides recommendations in the areas of temperature and relative humidity for greatest success.

Tek Tip - UV Inhibited and Other Ultraviolet Terms Defined

April 2011
In this "UV Inhibited technical tip article, you will gain a greater understanding of ultraviolet terms and definitions used in today's printing industry. Having an improved knowledge of these terms provides designers and engineers greater freedom when selecting materials.


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