Press Release - ProTek® Velvet Texture Heat Stabilized Hardcoated Polyester Film

  • A velvet textured polyester film with all the hardcoat benefits...

    New Berlin, WI - Tekra, A Division of EIS, Inc. has just released ProTek® Velvet Texture Heat Stabilized Hardcoated Polyester Film, a new film to their Hardcoated Polyester line of films.

    “The unique look and feel of the first surface velvet texture of this film, fills a market need for textured hardcoated films and makes our new ProTek® Velvet Texture film a great addition to our line of hardcoated polyester films,” states Veronica Chandre, Market Development Manager of Tekra’s Hardcoated Films. “This product is great for adding texture to your application while still offering the chemical, scratch and abrasion resistance that is inherent of all Tekra’s hardcoated films”, continues Chandre.

    In addition to the standard hardcoated version for screen printing, the material is also able to be coated on the second surface with Tekra’s digital print receptive coatings in our JetView™ UV Inkjet line, as well as the Dura-Go® Indigo coated line.

    Tekra’s ProTek® Velvet Texture Heat Stabilized Polyester Film is 7 mils thick and is offered in master rolls of 49” x 2900’, 24” x 48” sheets and can be easily slit to various slit widths. For more information or a sample of ProTek Velvet Texture Heat Stabilized Hardcoated Polyester Film, please visit our site or call a Tekra representative at 1-800-448-3572.